Universal Emptiness

Everything that exists is trying to get somewhere, from the atoms and bacteria in our bodies, to the single raindrop falling from the sky. Our organs have a different view of life than our brains, or our consciousness. Perhaps they are all heading to the same place, but along widely different timelines. In our journey, we want to be the guide for all the inner aspects to understand where we are headed, in unison. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The theme of the dreaming last night has to do with reaching a point in which you are actually free of afflictions. And we do not know what to be free of afflictions is; everything that is born into manifestation has a life cycle about it. 

Our immortality exists as a soul that is in a universal modality and a universal emptiness. But we don’t know that; everything that is born into life goes through things, and everything is alive, and everything is part of this universal emptiness. And it’s all seeking to sort itself out. And it sorts itself out on all of these various levels. And, in that process, there are various life cycles. 

And so, a human being, just like every other organism in life, is haunted by entities, and the various entities all are attempting to go somewhere, to get somewhere, whether it’s a mosquito that may only live for 24 hours or something, or something that has a very, very long life cycle and has as its nature, as an essence, a vibration that it is seeking to live out. 

The shaman comes to know animal essence aspects as a way of trying to accentuate something in terms of themselves. But all that does is show how life is more complicated than we think. And that, with different animal essences, you have different sensations. This goes all the way down to the minutest of creatures and features. 

So what you were doing in your dream was, instead of getting into the nuance of things, what you were doing was everything in existence haunts you in some fashion, energetically, parasitically, however you would say it. And that, to break free of that which haunts you, which tears you down, and things that tear you down cause aging, man’s been searching for the Fountain of Youth as if there is something to that. 

Yes, there is kind of something to that, from the standpoint that the soul is immortal, but the physical is in a paradigm that has things that are trying to function in terms of it, on various levels, organistic etc, impulse, whatever, instinctual. It goes on and on in terms of the ways that we are pushed about. 

That would be a way of trying to describe it in a masculine way, but what you’re portraying in a feminine way is that there is just this kind of uneasiness and pressure, and that when you open the door, to the ocean of a letting go, you don’t quite go to the letting go because you still have to climb the levels, energetic awareness, inside of yourself. The Hindus call it the climbing of the chakras, or the access to the various colors, of which all of the information is; the sum total of all of that information turns everything into a nothingness. There’s nothing going on. 

But there is the haunting whenever there is something that hasn’t yet been taken into the whole. When something hasn’t been taken into the wholeness, that which hasn’t been taken in, it leaves the situation incomplete. And so the human being clamors, and in that clamoring they draw unto themselves other things that are clamoring in a similar capacity etc, or in an unconscious capacity even, and that’s what causes the essence of a soul that is bound in, and reshaped, as matter, causes the matter of that to deteriorate. It cannot continue to replicate the infinite because it has removed itself from the whole.

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