Entity Driven

Can we really say who is in charge of our life? Is it the go-getter, or the pleaser, or the adventurer, or the inner child? These aspects and many more have their outplay in us, and each has a life and needs of its own. They make demands on us and we fulfill them, for the most part. This is part of our nature, but being conscious means we know when we are being “used” and can say yes or no to it, rather than blindly following our different urges. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my meditation dream I do not have the momentum I usually have. My momentum has been stunted. I am noticing that people who are more true to themselves do not have to contend with the impulse to go around seeking to be noticed. 

What I’m talking about is I am screening out an impulse that intensifies my need to exist in a particular way. The impulse is a projection, in terms of what I perceive, and is a challenge and a vibrational manipulation that I have to recognize. 

So what is going on is the impulse to be noticed, and that seeks to conduct itself in terms of me in a particular way, and, you could say, in terms of trying to talk about it scientifically, is driven by synaptic influence. What is causing the synaptic influence is I am under the influence of, and to speak of it in kind of a denser way, something that’s like a behavior that one could say is even of a parasitic type of influence. 

You know, just like we use the parasitic in every way in our nature, to digest our food and everything, plus it just naturally comes, it’s just naturally there. And it’s there to affect one’s molecular discharged nature. It is said that this is much more prevalent in the lower levels of life, and that, in a human being, to jump into a human being is the end of its cycle.

The behavior distracts how it is that I am. The minute effect is caused by impulses, like entities, that have hitched a ride, within my being, and are using me as a host to effectuate their journey. This is another way of saying that what I had been saying before was that there is like a thought that comes down and that thought then takes and aligns itself with other thoughts and gets excited and finds a life that it can live. And then, as that lives through that life, that life then takes in influences how you are until you live it through, and then it goes away and something else comes up. 

This is a way of saying that in terms of the parasitic, as if it is all parasitic if looked at in a dense way, as if entities have chosen, you know, just like one may have a karma that one comes down with or a way of having to live in a certain way that has been decided in some capacity. It’s as if entities choose a person because of a receptivity that’s portrayed to their influence. 

So why this is so is, the way to better understand this feature is to first of all notice that lower-self species, such as animals, are more prone to instinctual influences. Instinctual influences predominate in the animal kingdom. Instinctual influences are impulse-oriented upon the early stage of an evolutionary level. What is causing instinctual influences to have its way with us is we submit to lower-self influences.

Such influences, in a way of putting it, it’s like entity driven, as if parasitic, and affects our impulses or our synaptic firings off or, in other words, controls how it is that we orient ourselves. The impulses occur when we pay attention to the firing off of our synaptic nature. And it could be of a parasitic that causes that to fire off, or a quality of a vibration in the overall wholeness that isn’t complete. 

In other words, you’re looking at certain colors of light, a certain color of light that you didn’t catch up with then will continue to haunt you because until you get complete with that nothing is properly set up and you’re vulnerable to being haunted. 

So when we are compelled to pay attention to our impulses, we are giving life to entities that affect our personality. Or, to put this another way, our personality isn’t real because it is driven by the impulses we carry within. And you can call it entity orientation, in fact, it is said that the personality is an entity. So when we do not notice this as a form of parasitic, that’s when we treat what is going on as karmic and can get accentuated as energetic bifurcations that are irresponsible. 

To be in a human body is to have the anti-aging feature shut off at birth. I am noticing that the physical and the etheric vibrations can come together, and, when a oneness happens, the aging feature is affected and a oneness is noticed. In a oneness everything exists in common. When you take this to the vibrational plane, it is there we see ourselves as an accumulation of entity influences. When we are able to be still and access an emptiness, a nothingness, we access our soul which is free from impulses from the microbial and/or parasitic, or as said in polite scientific circles, the synaptics of our cells firing off.

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