Atmosphere of Life

Everything seeks our attention, because our attention equals our energy. If we understood our personal energy the way we understand money, and the costs of things, we would be much better off. We could clearly say, this detour is not worth it! When we are personally involved, then we are spending emotional energy, which is among the most precious of energies – and we would naturally be much more careful with that. Low energies are free and available everywhere; high energies are dear and must be worked for, consciously. When we understand this, we realize that we don’t want to spend frivolously. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And so the next sleep dream, I notice that I am able to take a card that doesn’t imply or inflect anything in particular; the card is blank. In the dream, when the card is not blank, it has to be played out. 

I recognize this to be a miracle, you know, to be able to have a card that doesn’t have to be played out. It was a miracle because any other card has to be played out. And this is an emptiness that can just be; quite a sensation in that.

Now it gets complicated again. In my dream, I’m at a university that I’ve come to for just one day. And the first half of the day is more like an orientation in terms of learning about what is here, and then there’s going to be lunch. And then the classes continue on that are there to expand one’s beingness. 

So at noon I walk out into a field for lunch. A person comes out seeking to capture my attention; I feel as if I am being stalked. I know that if I run back towards the university, this energetic will follow. This energetic has a history in that direction, so that would be in sync with what the energetic is about, to just go along with that. 

So somehow I know this, so I run in the opposite direction. Even though I know that I still have a half a day to go and that’s when the classes begin. But I throw everything off by running in the opposite direction. That works because, as a haunting energetic seeking to infect me, that doesn’t make sense for it. 

And so when I’ve gone to this other direction, I suddenly find that I have come to a place that’s like a small city that has a huge apartment complex. And I decide to just kind of see what is there; I have no intentions of staying there. I know that this doesn’t make any sense, but I’m just curious. And then after confirming that it’s not for me or whatever, which I already knew, I then turn to get back to class. And the classes start at one o’clock. 

In other words, what this is showing is that I am still in need of learning. I haven’t yet found where I belong in the atmosphere of life. But what is new is this process causes me to catch up with and see more about myself. For example, in going back I have a hand truck that may have been on loan at the university, and now all of a sudden I find it way out there, in terms of coming back, and I keep it. I will put it in my room before I go to class; apparently I have a room there. 

So as far as the meaning, the theme last night is about afflictions that haunt and are possessing of my biological makeup. When I go into the unknown, that which has parasitic parameters can’t follow. I have found that there is a way to function that is free of that which afflicts my higher-self nature. 

What I do enables me to break free of afflictions seeking my focus as I look at life. In this way I access more of myself. There is nowhere I need to go. All that is visible, and knowable, is where I’m at when my beingness is not under a duress that alienates a natural aliveness I need for survival purposes.

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