Marbles of Life

Our our core, our life spirit has an incorruptible purity. It is our inner beacon as the rest of our makeup tries to find its way in the outer world. It isn’t possible for us, in a physical manifestation, to remain pure, but we have our core to always return to as a guide and alignment for how we can best proceed. We are created this way for a reason. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, the last dream is kind of like a type of giving up. It’s like we go through, we have no idea how to go this way or that way. So we just kind of seem to be submitting to what takes place and go along with it. 

So, in this next image, there is a naturalness that comes out on its own. For this to happen, I need to let go and let things be. What I see is I have at my disposal the marbles of life. If I am able to let go to a flow, there is a marble of purity and a marble that is a shooter. 

The shooter strikes out into the overall. The marble I am shown to be the shooter surprises me. I could have guessed about the pure eye and been close, but how I am meant to be involves an alignment in which the impressions are mis-gauged. 

The reason why that doesn’t sound right, “in which the impressions are mis-gauged,” is that there are two marbles, and one’s the pure-eye that shows a certain purity that one gets to in their nature. And the other is a multicolored kind of marble that you use to strike out with. Because a human being is always trying to figure something out, one has kind of caught up with the step that there is a certain purity quality, or letting-go purity quality, that one needs. 

And, at the same time, one has kind of a dharmic nature that one is found in the manifestation having to act out and be with. Now, how I would have portrayed that, if left to describe that, was not what was shown to me in terms of what this colored marble looked like. It was slightly different, which means that there is something slightly different in terms of my functionality, in terms of how I would have guessed it to be. 

I guess that’s why I abbreviate it by saying that my impressions are mis-gauged in terms of how it is that I strike out. The purity aspect is close. That was the final scene. In other words, this is my answer to the conundrum, right? Because one, so to speak, does a Ponce de Leon looking for the Fountain of Youth, or as one does the alchemical process of trying to turn lead into gold.

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