Understanding Protocols

We live in an “if, then” universe. Everything that is happening is a repetition of a process that has happened before, even though it may be a new unfolding of that process. New things can only happen when a certain criteria is met: rain falls at a certain dewpoint, rain becomes snow at certain temperatures, and becomes steam according to different criteria. Babies are born when they reach a certain development, and puberty begins when there are other requirements in place. Personal development is the same: we evolve when we invite in the energies that can bring about such change. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: But the sleep dream does, the sleep dream kind of portrays how this works now.

In my sleep dream I see myself in a long line that’s formed in kind of an area, or like a separate room. There’s something about me that’s a little haywire remiss because nearly everybody I know is further up in the line. And my nonchalantness or whatever it is, is visible to begin with in this room, I seem to be lined up near the back, almost to the back, maybe in the back, even. 

And so those in this line are being screened. And, after their screening, they then go into another room where they are, again, ushered to where they are to be. How they are able to be, and what they are allowed to eat, is determined by the screening in the room, and their placement, and where they are ushered to in the other room. 

From where I’m at, I’m able to observe this process. Everyone else, it seems, just goes along with the system and its protocol. By the time I go through, I have a good understanding of what is going on. I have the benefit of having observed it for so long, I come to know the process inside and out. I accept what is unfolding. I go through it, I have to go through the cycle. But because I now understand the protocol, the variables, and the context of the process, I will never have to be bewildered like everyone else again, in terms of the comings and goings. 

Meaning: in the meditation dream, I was experiencing the effect of the elements upon my nature. This is not something a human being pays much attention to. In the meditation dream it was the fire element that I noticed to be the trigger, which influenced what they could catch up as they unfolded and went through the other elements. In other words, if you’re just in the other elements and you don’t have the fire trigger energy, then you have a tendency to get bogged down, or something, either in a quality of flow that becomes addictive, or a density, or too much off the ground. You need the fire energy. 

That was very important. That was what was learned from her dream. Remember that dream from the dream group? That’s what that dream was really all about: it needed the fire element. So this element is like a trigger, at least for me it is, and it broke through things. And it breaks through either negatively, where there would be a manipulation or misuse of power and control when you bring the miracle energy through. Or positively, which would help everyone catch up with what is going on by humbly honoring the entire process with compassion, caring, support and inner grace.

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