All Lined Up

It’s nice to dream about desserts because it’s a no-cal way to indulge in something sweet. But the idea of dessert puts a certain value on what it being looked at, it’s special in a way. But, at the end of the day, everything is important and needs to be included. We may put more value on one thing, but we want to bring everything to that level of value rather than let anything fall by the wayside. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then it feels like I’ve gone with a person from that dream into a large room where we can eat, and they’ve gone to the left where there’s food, and I’ve gone over to the right to look at a table that has desserts on it. And that’s all I remember of that dream. I just seem to be studying with the food that was there. 

John: You’re basically trying to hold some sort of space. Why are you trying to hold it? it’s important to you in some way. I mean, it has a value because it’s dessert. You’re trying to hold the space, and you’re being pulled in another way away from it. 

So, actually, there almost is enough there because what you need to feel is the part of yourself that’s pulling you away. And what is it that agitates and pulls you away from something that you can catch up with, that you know is part of what you need to know, or take in? 

Jeane: Then I have a dream where I seem to be a detective, and I’m with another detective. And there’s a tube that has some bodies in it, and they represent about three of his six children. They’re all wearing suits, like in the old days.

I’m trying to help them line up in this tube so that all of his children can get there, instead of just the few that we could fit in. It feels like they could line up and then they can move out at some point, but you have to get them lined up. 

It’s actually in a glass tube of some kind, a large one, but I’m trying to help everything get lined up so that he could get all of his children as they are now there instead of just the ones that fit initially. 

It’s almost like the ones that fit initially didn’t even look like his children as much. They’re all wearing the same kind of suit, and I’m trying to maybe adjust the tube and the kids in such a way that the people as they really are can fit in. 

John: Well, what that has to do with is having things in their natural order. In other words, having inside of yourself a way of processing to what is a natural unfoldment. And that you have a responsibility over all of that aliveness. 

Now, it could just as easily be a tube with bacteria, and they’re your kids, too. In other words, you’re associated with everything that’s alive. And this whole thing has been allowed to get over-the-top. How do you handle it so that it is in safe keeping for how it’s meant and able to be? I mean, it’s meant and able to be for a specific purpose. And it has been put into an environment… it has gotten itself into a scenario in which it is out of control. Or it’s not natural. It’s not its fault. In other words, everything is alive and we’re responsible for everything in life. And it’s not life’s fault, is it?

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: All Lined Up

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