A Weightiness

At times it is useful to examine how many of the responsibilities we choose to take on are still useful to us: are they still feeding us, or are we being drained by them? Of course, there are many aspects of life that we must take on to feed and care for ourselves, or those around us, but there are others that we take on willingly. At some point the reason or reasons we took on these responsibilities may no longer serve our goals or purposes and it’s time to let them go. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Well, all that I was able to do in terms of the meditation space that was all this quality of an energetic is write the following. What I experienced in my meditation dream was a quality in which what one feels is not within the parameters of a responsibility. The vibrational freeing-upness resulted in the following dream. So it’s interesting: it’s not within the parameters of responsibility. What kind of responsibility are we talking about? We’re talking about a personal responsibility, and that’s where everyone tends to get lost – the personal responsibility. 

So, in this dream, I have traveled back to a place where I know the people who are there from long ago, and these people have remained fresh and innocent. They have not delved into, and gotten consumed by, the heat and burden of themselves, or environmental conditions going on around them. Somehow or another they are able to just kind of function along in the moment. 

As a result, they do not carry the sophisticated nature that weighs upon them, in terms of having to carry out a lot of personal responsibility. As a result, they seem younger, or more youthful. Just to be around such energy is rejuvenating because there isn’t the sophistication, in terms of looking at myself, which was kind of hard to do because around them you had to let go, but in terms of carrying around as a weightiness, their decisions were based on how things feel in the moment. Such a quality is refreshing. 

I am used to looking at myself and being concerned by how I carry around a self-imposed responsibility. This keeps my beingness from naturally flowing – because you carry it around, and you can’t help it, in some way, shape or form it becomes you. Or you take it on in a kind of personal motif. 

In this case, those who I come across look years and years younger than me, and that they hold a vigor about themselves that I have lost. And this makes me aware that you can’t delve into the seriousness – which they don’t do – that weighs things down in the environment and makes everything heavy and draining right before your eyes. Because how we carry ourselves is how everything around us is. 

The way something is around us just has to have something that caused it to shape itself that way. It doesn’t just have to be the way it happens. We created that, in some sense; we are carrying ourselves in some way so that we created that mannerism or that motif. And if we didn’t carry it, we wouldn’t have it. 

And so what is going on is the dynamic of the flux of the dream group, they created this whole skewage. You don’t go around playing eenie meenie miney moe and seeing if one out of six can hit the thing right. It’s not about that. Their problems are simple problems, day-to-day, fairly meaningless and trite things. Their nature has somehow remained innocent, free-flowing and guileless. 

By comparison, I feel like an old geezer weighed down by the affairs of the world. To be around this slows me down, and the relief I’m able to feel is incredible. I do not feel that I have the usual weight and heaviness about me when I’m around them. I can’t place them in terms of something in my past, because everything that I remember that I was around in my past would be the same age as me. So I can’t place them in my past, but I know them somehow as a part of me that isn’t lost in things.

And the meaning of the dream is what I’m describing is the power of healing. Healing is the absorption of the cares of the world, and the lifting of this. The key effect we carry is having to make a decision, about this or that, that is counterproductive from the healing vibration. 

What I am carrying, that ages me, is a weight that is waiting in my nature, a weight which then causes things to be created in a particular way where I have to then respond and act, and there are all the personal mannerisms rather than just the letting go. 

The vibration that is not free of a self-imposed structure and, if it could talk, would say: I am not waiting for you. This statement isn’t completed. I know the rest of the sentence. The rest is: on your own. “I’m not waiting for you on your own.” So I drop the dependency over this or that, and, to do that, I am not on my own.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: A Weightiness

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