Decisions, Decisions

In this imagery we have two damsels awaiting their fate: which one will be chosen by the king, and which one will be put to death? Decisions can seem this dire at times: on one hand there is the fairy tale ending, and on the other hand there is a death worse than fate. Yet when we remember that we are all the characters in our dreams, we can begin to understand that these two aspects have their own view of what is unfolding – one is free and one is fearful – and that a resolution between them must be reached for us to proceed smoothly. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My dreams last night were hard for me to pull out. They seem to be taking place in another time and space, almost alien. 

The first dream I remembered was in a large building, almost medieval-looking, and it felt like there were two women, in two separate rooms, and these rooms would have a large bed. And there was a man who at some point was going to choose between the two of them. And then you felt like the one that he chose, that she would become his consort for ruling a place, or at least he was going to be in charge of the place – and probably the other one would be killed. 

But the thing with these rooms and even the beds is that they were just strange, like they might move almost like they had magical properties. Or, like I said, it was very alien. What I noticed was that one woman obviously felt captive and wanted to get away from this area, and not really have the man win her; she was almost thinking about having to sabotage any battle he had to fight. 

And the other woman, to her surprise, actually likes the man and maybe wants him to win. And then that woman, I think, suddenly notices that this room that she’s in, that she never seems to leave, suddenly has rain coming down through the ceiling, like there’s a leak, and that causes her to go out. And then you’re looking at what else this place looks like and wondering if this battle that’s going to happen now, if the battle has started, or if it’s going to be precipitated by this strange thing that’s happening with the rain coming into the room, or water leaking from upstairs? How do you know exactly what’s going on? 

And I feel like as I go up and wander, and look, I come to an outdoor area where some people are making some unusual foods and almost like packaging them to put on a boat or a ship somewhere, like they’ve just invented all these foods. But the foods look alien and strange, like nothing I’ve ever seen, all different kinds of dishes. And I feel like they’re going to take them somewhere else, but I’m not even sure they’re not made up of humans or something – so I don’t want to go near them. 

And then the scene just shifts and I seem to be looking, again, at some people assembling things. And they look like women and men that are American service people – but you feel like they’re on another planet. And I’m wondering if they’re even going to marry some of the people here, because I have this feeling they’re never really going to get home again.

John: So the whole thing that you’re presenting is kind of scatterblasted. The thing is, it’s almost as if there is confusion that predominates in terms of what needs to unfold. And that, as a consequence, it’s as if decisions haven’t yet been quite figured out, and/or are going back and forth in a chaotic way. 

The idea that there is a sense of balance about things that can go askew, there’s something that can happen when things aren’t properly decided, or understood, or in sync in terms of a flow. And it’s as if what is going on is even too much of a flow, and thus it has this scatterblasting effect. It’s as if one has to sort out what one is able to take in. 

It’s almost as if on an inner plane there is a sort of disclarity in terms of how it is, and what it is, that you tie into. And that you’re recognizing that it’s a bit of a mess. And thus the images of what is taking place flip-flop about without any clear-cut cohesion. And the changes can leave something askew, or actually even disturb, from moment to moment, what is unfolding. 

And so, how does one possibly ground or function in terms of bringing that through, in a container way, when it is all flip-flopped like that in terms of the transmission? That seems to be the conundrum that you’re wrestling with.

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