A Palatial Side

Whenever anything appears out of “nowhere,” whether from the invisible energetic realms of the universe, or from our deep unconscious, it is a mere fragment of where it came from. It has shifted from being a part of the entirety, to being minutely specific – even inside of its greater symbolic references. Yet it also provides us a way in, because anything manifest is like a clue to something much greater, if we follow the lead of it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: What I had been noticing, in terms of a type of perspective and focus and attention and a kind of confidence that I was able to settle back into, is that if I don’t look too hard it makes sense. But if I then step into what is taking place, it’s like premature or something, it’s like, well, where does this go? It’s like the aspects haven’t been properly sorted out yet. 

So, in my meditation, I did something very similar to what I had done the night before. First of all, I caught up with the note of what was meant to be, or what was more or less like a tuning fork, or something. And that tuning fork note I didn’t write up because I wouldn’t have known how to pull it out. And so I had to have something that came through with that, to try to discern what all of that entails. And that which I pulled out has so many variables to it, in terms of psychic conditioning, or mannerism, that the depth of it has yet to be known. 

But maybe that’s okay, it’s the note that’s interesting. In other words, the note is such that, in terms of trying to describe it, now what is happening is I’m hitting the note inside, I can’t figure out how to write it up, and I kind of stay there. And that’s what seems to eat up the time from within. And then suddenly it moves on into a type of sleep dream that I am able to pull out – in conjunction with that note. It’s almost as if the idea of the note is so far within that I have to – still from a very, very far place within – pull out the dream content. 

And that is a bit much when you start to ask what is really going on here, and where is this going? Such that when I then start pulling out hypnagogic images, the hypnagogic images are easier to lose, they seem to also be coming from a deeper place. They kind of portray something that’s like a throwing up of one’s hands kind of demeanor. 

But the note is still important, because the note portrays how all of this gets put together as images. And it’s not what one thinks. It’s like there is some sort of subtle vibrational energy that’s moving on, moving around, that if you were to actually be able to see it, wouldn’t work. Because what is moving on has a strange way in terms of how it creates images. 

That which is moving around out there, if you tried to describe how that correlates to the images themselves, you can’t describe both. In other words, what that is doing to create an image is almost foreign, in terms of however it is in its context of the other side, that the image itself seems so minute in comparison to it, that it doesn’t do it justice in terms of how it is that you could try to describe it, or correlate it, or make a correspondence in terms of the state of that – as if these are states.

The images as a state, in relationship to that as a state – it’s not a state anymore, it’s something else. And, to make sense out of that, I’m seeing myself struggling to make sense out of the note in terms of how it is unfolding in relationship to a process. And thus, the dream and stuff that I see, there’s a gap, there’s a bit of a gap, and I can barely sense the note to the gap of the dream. Which means that there is a huge palatial side of myself that never quite comes into view.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: A Palatial Side

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