Going Inside

There are many allusions to mansions in the many spiritual paths, and we can think of a palatial house as being the best version of ourselves – the most realized home to our life. In this dream the home is by the turbulent ocean of the unconscious, set apart from others, and ultimately the new owner can’t get in because he has too many keys to be able to find the correct one. On our journey we can be hindered by having too many other things going on – too many keys and responsibilities – when the purity of our singular pursuit is the best way to unlock the door. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And thus the dream, in which I and a friend and a realtor have come to a huge house that is along an ocean bay. And it’s quite an ocean out there, and the waves are lapping and stuff like that – it’s pretty intense. 

And I can see the shoreline, I can still see this in such a way that it is that real. I can see how this thing comes across how it laps into a certain way that it hits the shore, how it’s not really deep there, it just splashes up more intensely, and looks like you could really get crashed if you were to try to kayak or something into that, but not necessarily. But as it comes and ebbs to where it hits that and then gets intense and splashes up, it’s shallow there. And so you wouldn’t crash like you might think, looking at it from afar. 

And that there are three prominent things that you see when you look out: you see this limestone etching that’s just like, wow, how that was molded, that goes way up in the air, over time, how it was molded by the wind and whatnot, what a sight to behold. And then you see something even different in between, that, again, is molded as an image. And I go, what a nice image to have, in terms of the setting. You don’t see the setting from inside the house, inside the house is not where you need to be, you need to be outside to see this. 

And then directly across from the house, suddenly not as far away as it seemed, and directly across is this thing that’s very, very ancient, it’s huge, it goes way up in the air. It’s as big as a pyramid except its shape, and it forms something that, as I stare at it, it’s not really a Buddha monument, but it is something ancient. And it’s a little weather worn because it’s so ancient and old. And knowing how far back it goes, I’m kind of impressed that it still looks as fabulous as it looks, and what a sight to have directly across from the house. 

And so as I come up to this house, the odd thing about this house is, which I’m moving into, so I don’t know why the realtor is necessarily there unless to help me, I reach in my pocket and I just have key after key after key. And I know I have the key to the house. And this thing is not just an ordinary house, it’s like a palace or a mansion, and it’s split down the middle. And I only own half of it. And, on the other half, somebody else lives there that’s not home. 

And yet all of a sudden the realtor sees, and I can see something that looks like a strange motion that might explain itself in terms of the way the weather is, or who knows, as if a trespasser has gotten inside, just to take up the place because no one is paying any attention. I never do see myself going into the house. I see myself noticing that it’s nicely isolated, and nicely wooded. I’m wondering what I’m doing here, because it doesn’t make sense that I would cut myself off from everything like this; it’s kind of like I’m in a different part of the world, even.

What is this image about, and where does it go? It took me a long time to find the key to this place when I arrived. My pocket was full of key after key. In the dream, I don’t remember going inside, and I don’t remember finding the key from all of the pocketful of keys in my possession. 

In other words, these keys reveal that I have a lot on my plate. I remember more of the view, the setting, and the sense of being alone, and there being a somewhat sad sense to it all. This tone free flows on another channel in me, as if another part of myself, which I guess has a piece in the dream that is a mystery. 

And this would correspond to a way I am conducting myself energetically. The place is such a shadow into my psyche. It has a meaning that I somehow know in a self-created sort of way

and I’m meant to grasp that. I cannot explain this to anyone else because others only see the literal.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Going Inside

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