Diplomatic Mission

All the drama of a good spy thriller, this dream shows the intrigue that we deal with on an inner level. When we repress anything, some part of us may feel soothed because something appears to have gone quietly away, but the aspect that is being repressed would surely see this as torture. So the dream shows a diplomatic mission to bring things out in the open, perhaps at great risk, but to offer the possibility for healing and greater awakening. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: It was really hard for me to pull out my dream, and then it did pop back in. It felt like I was in another country that reminded me a bit of Russia, and there’s some kind of huge meeting going on between several countries.

Between meetings, whoever is in charge of the foreign country, he wants me to extract information, I think there were some people that came with me, and it’s like they’re going to be tortured, in this main meeting room, or made to give out information. 

I’m supposed to be in charge of that, and I’m really upset by this whole process. And then I get this idea, and I go in the room, and when everybody starts going in the room, I pull something which calls attention to these people, and I walk them out of the room – so that the torture can’t be going on behind closed doors. And I walk them out of the room and walk out with them. 

But what this means is that whatever role I had in that larger room, I can’t quite follow, because I don’t even know if I’m going to be allowed back in the country. But at least I stand up in a way that calls attention to the people. And I get her, and I think it was a couple others, out of the hall. 

But then I’m out while the other big meeting is going on in the other room, because my focus at this point is getting them out of the country. And then that seems to lead to a dream that I didn’t quite pull out where, again, it feels like I’m trying to get some energies to mesh in some way that is not happening yet. 

John: An aspect of the dreaming last night, as far as theme goes, was how to bring inner into outer. And it’s like you’re looking at this in terms of there being two states, two conditions. And one condition has something within your being kind of hidden, repressed. And then there is something that brings it all out into the open. 

And the issue of this energy is, when you’re playing with this dynamic like this, you’re trying to play with an inner into outer. And when you’re really playing with an inner into outer you’re playing with the quality of Kundalini energy that’s essentially on the other side, or is lived both on the inner and in the outer. And how do you take, and can you bring this through, so that it has an aliveness and a presence that is visible in life. 

And that this energy that is on the other side is, in and of itself, kind of hidden and repressed. And that energy has to be brought into the light of day. In other words, you can’t have these two separate, so to speak, rooms of yourself kept at arm’s length from each other, they have to come into cohesion. 

The issue that you’re struggling with and fighting with, first you recognize that there is this barrier or distance or gap or quality by which something is on an inner and in an outer. And then secondly, after recognizing that and recognizing that you can notice or denote that on the inner level, you then take on the objective to bring that into the outer in as natural a way as you can do so. 

In other words, that natural way of being so it has to be in the outer for all to see, which is the same thing as saying that what you can experience or catch up with on the inner has to be brought through and lived in the outer. 

So, in spite of whatever the circumstances, the conditions, the images, however they are in the outer, you have to have enough of a connection to the inner so that it overwhelms all of that, so that it is greater than all of that in terms of its effect upon you. Such that the inner then lives itself through you in the outer. So first comes the experiencing of the fact that there is this kind of split, and then comes the living of it.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Diplomatic Mission

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