Psyche and Matter

We may think little about binge watching shows with themes of horror, or violence, or forensics cases, but the frequency and tone of these will absolutely have an energetic effect on us. Enjoying them doesn’t mean we stay clean from the subject, in fact it may imply we go deeper into the effect. Sometimes it’s even a good idea to take a shower before we go to sleep after we’ve been immersed in such frequencies. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So there was a note to what I dreamt that mirrored an inner unfoldment. In other words, there’s an inner unfoldment and there’s a note behind all that that is that inner unfoldment trying to break loose. 

So, to begin with, I can’t say anything about this note. In other words, I actually had the experience that I could pull through. And so I could point out the unfolding image that resonated inflectively. 

At one point I could do that, but then I was trying to write down a sentence or two about the note, like I had done before the previous nights, and then go into the whole aspect of this other. And I didn’t understand necessarily what this other was going to be about. And oftentimes I kind of understand it because I have spent enough time in the note, but this time I lost the storyline when I was looking at the node. 

So what I perceive, in terms of the note, is that in the simple outer I can experience an imaging form of access to the outer that I am able to awake. Or, putting it in simple terms, psyche touches matter – and can move matter. 

So this is a way of noticing how you have the inner coming and touching the outer by just letting go and going along and not doing anything, one way or another, that is going to disturb the chemistry, a chemistry that is magical if you have psyche and matter working together. 

So I try to sit as subjective to the point of innocence. I experienced an innocuous imagery, which portended the note, but because I got carried away with describing the sensation of the note, I forgot the foretold imagery. I should have been able to portray this image, but I was skewered within because I was infected by a reactionariness that I seemed to have embodied based upon, if I’m to be critical about it and trying to put a finger on it, I would base it upon the TV movie that had a depressive projection to it. The jumpiness discombobulated the focus and attention I needed for a pinpointedness – a pinpointedness which brings the miraculous vibration into a focus as an imaged aliveness.

Such a letting go into this image was quite easy going at the time that I noticed all this and therefore I sat in a type of an innocence, which is this very subjective way. What I lost, however, when I failed to totally let go of a shattering vibe from last night’s TV show, in this movie the projection was that of one state of despair to another over and over again, to the point that I got affected by such a sensation. The effect was like going into a shadow darkness of self, i.e., the negrotto, this being a step back from a confident lightheartedness, the alfredo. 

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Psyche and Matter

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