Environmental Issues

Our environment is critical. If we do not put dirty clothes in the hamper, the environment suffers. If the outside of the house hasn’t been painted in decades, or if the yard is filled with randomly abandoned things, the environment suffers. And this means that our energy and our wellbeing suffers, because all these things are aspects of our life. Just as we are responsible for washing our selves, we have responsibility for our nearby environment as well. And, if we are really developed, we will begin to take responsibility for the invisible energies in those same environments – and keep them clean, too. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So then, in the sleep dream, I come into an area where a host is putting on a banquet. And so what happens is, let’s say you have a person standing in between here and the door, and the banquet setup is way over by the door, and there’s someone in between. So you have the host in between where the banquet is at that you’re going to. 

And so, I ask the host a question, and I do not get a properly responsible reply. So I disregard the host based upon his response, and put my focus straight to the host’s food. I’m prepared to take on the food as it is needed. I need the food, but the host is haywire, or is in between. And the first step was to fix my gaze upon it. 

The meaning is, the host is the state, the setting is that which is a setting that the state has set up. The food is the issue at hand. I have come to a place where the thing that is important there is the food, which I’m prepared to take on as a steward in place of the state. 

And so then, in the next dream, in other words, it’s like I’m playing with the negrotto and all of this stuff I’ve been trying to break something into more of a light. That’s what I’m playing with here, a negrotto to alfredo. That’s my sensation then I work with it, except in the negrotto condition I’m trying to turn it more into light. And it still continues. 

A person is questioning why I have such a concern over parasitic behavior. My response is that anyone who went to war, especially the First World War, because there was no regard or attention towards the conditioning that people had to go through over there, those who came back had contracted pathogens into their system. I am claiming I know this issue – as if I was in the war. And based upon a personal experience, that is why I have such a concern. 

So the meaning is, I am concerned in terms of a personal experience of parasites, or pathogens, are being contracted, this has nothing to do with, in terms of myself, cats, and from such experience, know the disease to be an environmental issue. 

So, in the dream, I feel there is no one around me taking responsibility for the environmental wellbeing. So because I feel that this is the situation in the collective, that it falls upon me to step forward, in other words by making a big deal of it. So, in the dream, that is why I’m concerned because I feel environmental debilitating consequences, based upon personal experience even, are out of control and are not getting the required attention.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Environmental Issues

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