Our dreams have an infinite number of ways to show us how we are out of alignment with ourselves. No matter what the scene is, there are almost always elements out of sync, one going faster than another, or one on a plane and one in a car, or one on a mountain and one in the valley. Sometimes we are being chased by the connection we need to make, and sometimes we are unable to see what we are looking for in a chaos of other things. In the end, however, we might find two main elements to the dream that are doing a mating dance with each other in an effort to bring each other into alignment and connection. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well I seemed to be having trouble with my dream last night and, as far as I can tell, the issue was I was working with three people, or there were three of us, I’m not sure which way it worked. And I was trying to get something coordinated. 

And it felt like I could get it aligned in one place, then I couldn’t get it coordinated or aligned in the other place. And so I kept getting this very frustrating feeling I would wake up with, because it was like trying to get it turned off at one point, but I could do it in one space but not the other space. It was that sort of thing. It was just kind of a frustrating feeling. And I would keep waking up and be restless with it. 

John: I guess that corresponds to my dream of trying to tell you something that doesn’t make sense on this level, doesn’t feel right on this level, because it’s not quite right. But it is right in the greater expansiveness of things, which is like another level. 

So what’s going on is you’re wrestling with the sensation of having a greater grasp of things. And you need to have that greater grasp of things because a part of you realizes that what is happening in front of you, in a kind of trite way, isn’t what is really the story behind how it is that one is.

If you’re indulged in just what is going on in the here and now, in an overly literal sense, and don’t have a scope of this other part of yourself, then you’re just not real. You’re kind of under a spell, or a manipulative indoctrination. In other words, your sense of self isn’t taking in the big picture. 

We don’t seem to pay much attention to the fact that we’re stuck like this. And you were struggling because apparently you were realizing that you had to shake off those kinds of shackles. 

We’re stuck based upon patterns that exist in the outer that we’ve bought into, habituations that we continue with, and dependencies that we’ve adopted. And, in that regard, we’re owned by that in how we think, and how we react, and everything gets shut down to accommodate that sort of thing as something that controls our reality.

If you have or are inclined to be on a journey, which results in having to set that sort of malaise towards things aside, then what opens up is something more. You can’t really set this malaise aside without going through a type of dark night, or depression, because unless you’re the type that’s really got the insight blaring through, you’re going to be struggling and fighting to hold on to your dementia. 

And that’s why the path is considered to be one which has to go through this, as a phase, because a person has to be jerked, so to speak, or he has to do something that causes themselves to confront the mannerisms that they have taken on, that dictate and control their perspective, and their actions, and the way they see things in terms of their idea of reality. 

But it’s an idea that’s based upon their conditioning, and their upbringing, and the flow of outer events around them that they couldn’t help but take on – as if that was what was real. So what you’re doing, I guess you’re declaring a little bit of a war with your recognition that you’ve got to break out of this.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Uncoordinated

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