A Proper Place

We may know the feeling of not being home, or in whatever we would call a comfort zone. When we are like that, we will many times keep moving until we find that place, or zone, or frequency where we feel we can “unpack” ourselves and just be. This could be an actual home, it could be with another person or around certain people, and yet the greatest home of all is our connection and deep integration into the wholeness of everything. That is the home we are really seeking. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So my dream started out, again, with trying to catch up with the underlying note. This underlying note can be incremental, it can be small little things that then have to do with certain states of awareness that get put together in relationship to how it is that we are in the outer. 

In other words, add a little context to a greater beingness, but does so in a slow way. Or it can be, eventually it can be, something that you can wrap around that’s a big Kahuna of a recognition. And that big Kahuna of a recognition would then be a tuning fork note to the fact that you are just immersed, lost, embedded into the overall. And that to go around trying to find yourself outside of that overall is a little bit ridiculous. 

However, what’s interesting about this overall is it does find you. And then how it is that you are, can you just be that? Or do you have to then go, aha, and take note, and thus be haywire again, connecting to that aspect of the will or the design of something, the aliveness of something, that springs from somewhere else – and that is on this side, in the outer, can be who we are. 

And what we’re able to do, or are meant to do, and how we’re to do it and how it’s to look is not something that we can figure out. In fact, when we get any glimpse of it, we’re inclined to gravitate towards that as an understanding we have adopted, and that factor of gravitating towards that then puts us in into another kind of trance, a trance that’s back into trying to make something make sense in the literal, dense way of things, when all we are is something that is embedded, immersed in this humongous overallness.

And that the idea that we are separate from that, to the degree that exists it exists only from the sense that we’re an aspect of the will of God, but the degree to which it exists in our sense, it doesn’t. That’s just a failure to be innocent enough to be able to go along with the flow of an unfoldment that is from this overall great, great, great space that always has everything, and sees and recognizes and experiences everything to be in its proper place. A proper place that it may not know it’s dumbed out from, but that in the overallness you come to see what, and how, all of that works, or is.

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