Outside the Moment

If we think in universal terms, is there ever more than one moment occurring? We may sense it as being differentiated, but to be connected to the oneness might be to experience the universe as an everything at once unfolding. In such a state of being, we would have access to the greater intelligence of the whole. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, last night I noticed the rapport that a human being has with everything in life. The rapport is there when a person quits flaunting about, drowning out the communication within, and without, that is a natural, intertwined oneness between psyche and matter. 

Recognizing this, a new definition for time can be postulated: time exists when an individual goes about looking for a way out because he has lost the rapport and is not noticing this timelessness and agelessness aliveness. 

Because the psyche and matter are one and the same when in a connected rapport, to not be aware of that relationship is to be using up time physically, and aging in an adrift state of being. This is time and space in a state of measurable decay. To break the time and space continuum is to catch up with oneness. Or, said another way, to be in the clutches of a time and space continuum is to be in a delirium that is outside the moment. 

Time and space is separate from the rapport between inner and outer; in other words, it’s where you don’t have to rapport, so it’s a misalignment. When you have the rapport between inner and outer it’s the same thing as psyche and matter coming into an identity of wholeness. 

Last night, I had the light bulb moment in which I saw the rapport note, and this time I lost the subsequent dream as I was enamored by such an epiphany. So now it worked in reverse. I mean there for a while it was going so that I would just catch the note a little bit – I’m going back and forth, first one way then the other way – catch the note a little bit, and then would have the dream. Then, if I write up the note, I don’t remember the dream. 

This time what was really, really interesting, and I got it right away, the rapport, the whole thing, and then all of a sudden something shifted, as if it now wanted to point out what time and space was, that this now is my new definition for understanding time and space. I didn’t ponder that, it just came in. And I found myself in this chaotic thing where I was blown away by the idea of a rapport. And it was so interesting how you could feel the rapport, because in this space that I was in it was like nothing was distinguishable. Everything was all connected. There was a rapport that you had. In other words, there wasn’t the psyche going this way, and space being separate from it; it was all in a rapport.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Outside the Moment

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