Being Personal

The word “drama,” when applied to our personal lives, is rarely a good thing. Sometimes drama is thrust upon us by events, but much more often it is created by us because we have become personally involved in the unfolding of things and we begin to take sides in the outcome. When we do that, we are trying to steer the flow rather than be with it, and, naturally, the universe may resist that. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in the beginning of my dream, I’m out in a wooded area where it almost feels like on a knoll or something where I am, it’s kind of high up. It seems like there’s a couple there, and I actually live somewhere else on the college campus but I’ve been out here it I feels like for a few weeks or something. 

I’m out there with a man and a woman. I think you’re somewhere up there, too. It’s like I’m up there because they’ve been doing some kind of experiment, but I realize that he’s actually going to blow things up. Whatever he’s doing, he destroys stuff. And he has some kind of weapon that’s really effective in doing this, and I don’t want him directing this weapon at me right now. So I’m in my own way trying to get away from them, but they catch up with me sometimes. It’s almost like you don’t want him to know you’re trying to get away from him, because then you’re another thing he tries to blow up. But I do find I kind of make my way to where he can’t see where I am. And I get down off the mountain and the bluff, or wherever we are, a bit. 

And I seem to have gone into a building because now I want to get you, and I look into a room and you’re talking to somebody in that room. It’s a large room. I’m kind of trying to wait a few minutes till you’re through and, at the same time, I go over and I step behind a wall for a second in case the other guy comes looking and sees me. But then when I step back into the room, I think I see you stepping into a bathroom that maybe you think I’ve left. And I’m not even sure that that was you that went in the bathroom. Plus, it’s a men’s room, so I can’t go in there. 

So I think well, I’ll go ahead and I’ll go back to this university dorm room where we live, which seems like it’s in a city as well as on a campus. So I start back there looking for you, too, but it feels like on my way there I run into some people that are running a marathon. They’re university students, so I keep going in the direction they are, even trying to remember my way back to campus by this time. 

And at one point that kind of ride on a cart that’s going by and there’s a runner coming by and I tell him I’m not cheating; I’m not really running the marathon, I’m just going to campus. Then I get there, but I’m not sure if I’m going to remember exactly where my room is because it’s a very huge building with lots of different levels and curved ways. 

And I’m not sure so I go in, I look around, I don’t see anyone to ask right away. So I finally just find an elevator, I get on it with one other person, she’s pushed a button, I think I’ll just get off at her floor and then start asking people. I get out my keys, but my keychain opens up and all my keys fall on the floor, so I have to pick them up and just have them in my hand. Plus the elevator’s going so fast it feels like I have this other gal squished on the side a little bit.

But I get off on the floor. I look one way and I see a couple of women go into a room that they tell me they’re happy with because it’s larger than the one they had before. And then I go on down a corridor and I see some points where it looks like there’s a desk. I go up and I ring a bell. I even hear someone say, oh, we had a room with someone with your name. So I ask him if he can tell me where my room is now. And I think that was when I woke up.

John: Well, the dream starts off with the whole thing being personal. And, in the personal, you’re having to struggle and contend with things. And whenever you relate, and as you relate, to whatever it is that’s personal there’s going to be an intensity, and there’s going to be an issue, and there’s going to be a mannerism about that. 

And so the whole thing has to do with for the longest time you having to contend with trying to go hither and thither with regards to something haunting, or outside of yourself personal impacting and influencing and creating a nausea. 

And then that progresses to the fact that something more opens up. And that now you’re in the university of it all. And in the university of it all you’re not haunted anymore, but you have another problem and that problem is that you’re not grounded, and that you’re kind of in a drunken condition. Better a drunken condition, however, than something that is haunted by the personal and the abstract of things, as if all of that is separate from yourself.

Then you start getting kind of close to what it’s about when you have the sense that there is something about all of this, that is behind it all. That something more is behind it all or connected, and causing whatever it is to take place the way that it has taken place. That also is another step, that’s a step beyond the drunkenness. That’s a step to the recognition that there is something more going on that is affecting you as something that is how it is that you are. 

Your dreams are taking you closer to what it’s all about, but they didn’t take you there. To be taken there would have been to have then come to the conclusion and recognition that everything that is going on is all a part of you. And that everything that took place is you.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Being Personal

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