On Our Watch

Do we pick up litter that isn’t ours, or do we assume it’s someone else’s responsibility? To consider ourselves as part of a oneness, or a wholeness, is to assume responsibility for everything that happens – on some level. This doesn’t mean we have to grab a garbage bag and head out into the street, but having a conscious awareness of what it requires to leave the universe better than we found it begins with small acts before those small acts can grow into great effects. We do what we do because it is important to us and the world we want to live in – it makes an energetic mark – even if we are alone in the doing of it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And then I had other dreams, prior to that, about the immensity of all that I am intertwined with energetically. Such an experience puts to rest the idea that what is going on around me, in the dense, personal outer, has a separate capacity from who I am on the plane of oneness. So we’re all part of each other. 

And so, in my meditation dream, there is an organism that affects the body that is the issue for why something is. I take the opinion that what has occurred is not my fault, yet I report that this is what is behind what occurred. The consensus opinion is this is, in some sense or manner, my fault. I disagree because this was out of my control. 

So I’m still now arguing in the sense of the personal, instead of accepting what is taking place as the dynamic. And so it progresses into another image that still has a little of that capacity, but adds more detail to point out that that’s ridiculous. 

In another image, I am at a bus station and, due to a delay at the bus station, cherries were handed out – of which I ate most of them, but other passengers all ate cherries, too; I probably ate half the cherries. And then the other half is distributed by whoever else is sitting there in this delay.

And there was no place to put the cherry pits so they just got spit out on the floor, which was kind of considered, or accepted, as okay at the time. Well the pits stuck to the floor, they even pitted the floor. And now the time has come where this must be cleaned up. Well, the bus is due any minute. And I admit to my role as a party to the ticket people. 

And they don’t have the means to deal with this. They don’t have a machine that prints out an invoice, like a fine or something. So I kind of plead my innocence about all of this because, although I ate most of the cherries, how do you sort out what took place? Just like, how do you sort out a drop of water from the ocean? Now because others also did this, and we were allowed at this time, because there’s no place set up for us to do anything with the cherry pits, it was kind of like condoned or allowed for us to just spit them out. And now all of a sudden they pitted the floor and stuck and all of that. 

And the ticketing people are realizing that this has done considerable damage and needs to be cleaned up – and who’s going to pay for that? And so my argument is I shouldn’t be held accountable because it was a collective issue that was treated at the time as not being a big deal. But after those pits dried, and etched into the floor, it is a damage that is going to have to be fixed. And this is a worry in the minds of the bus depot people. 

Still, the bus people have no way to charge or invoice a matter that occurred at their expense. Plus they have no way to sort out before the bus comes, which is coming imminently. So, what are they going to do, stop everybody from getting on the bus? Well, how is this going to work? 

So the meaning is, from a personal point of view, I plead innocence over what has happened to me as out of my frame of reference. Even though it is not something I control, it happened on my watch. In life, what happens around us is on our watch. 

The dream is pointing out that, in spite of appearances, it is not right to appropriate, in terms of an adab, the nuances involved and culpability in a distinguishable capacity because there’s nothing that we’re not. It could have been thieves there, it could have been all of that, and it would have still been me. 

So the deeper meaning is there is nothing that goes on in my life, or the lives of others around me, that isn’t me, or, if there’s a fault, isn’t my fault. What is near us, or is affecting us or affecting me, if I look at it from a sense of oneness, inner oneness, is intertwined and connected to me. Even conduct that happens in my presence that the cause or claim can be made is an otherness to myself, it’s not really an otherness because I am everything and I cannot disavow parts of myself. 

This is true of everything that happens in our awareness presence. The reason it is like this is in the collective, deep down, we’re all connected and intertwined, so we all bear guilt. We all bear responsibility for everything, and so if there’s a guilt that has to be assigned, we’re assigning it to ourselves. We point at someone else, we’re really pointing at ourselves. No one is innocent or error free.

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