A Connective Clarity

Connections can be instantaneous, yet fleeting. They can be meaningful, or meaningless. Yet, on our journey, true connections are the ones we choose consciously to be with, and are constant and stable. Higher energies aren’t looking for our fickle nature, they seek, with us, a deeper, more meaningful relationship, one that is born of attention and intention, one that has a real future of possibility. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So that was the first dream. And I remember the frustration, too, because it felt like the connections used to be made smoothly, and I knew how to make them, and they weren’t working anymore. 

Then I have three other little dreams. The longest dream was I had gone to a concert, but it was in like a ballroom with a little bit of an elevated stage. But there was a singer that was like Madonna, or someone famous, who would sing and then dance with people and come down. And she made love with different people, too; that was part of like the dancing. 

I don’t even know that you saw it, you just kind of felt there was this energetic. And she danced with different men and women and everybody. The room was full of people dancing, and I saw how people were pulled to her, wanting to be with her, but that she was kind of indiscriminate and never really kind of stayed with any one person. 

And people would keep going back thinking that if she’d been with them, it meant something, but she was very free. And I just studied how people were pulled to that and got a little lost, trying to stay at the dance hoping to be chosen, or that she was going to be with them. Or thinking it meant something that it didn’t. 

And then it feels like I leave the dance, and I go back and I’m reporting to someone about all this. 

John: So now you’re explaining why, from a recognition that something anew needs to occur, but not knowing how to get from A to B. And it’s not revealed or it’s not shown to you. You’re now explaining the reason why the problem can’t be worked out. 

And the reason is because the clarity, the connective clarity, is too dispersed. It needs to be brought into a greater singularity, a deeper meaningfulness, that has a constancy to it. So it’s like that dream is like a step two, to kind of further let you in on the story as to why a certain sense of what is in need of occurring, or a shift is in need of happening in life – the reason why it can’t happen is because there is too much dispersal, or diffused energy. It hasn’t pulled itself into a congruency.

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