Beyond the Focus

The difficulty, and the beauty, in our spiritual journey is that we have to find our own way in it. Yes, we may have hundreds of “roadmaps” and people to guide us, but, in the end, it is between us and our God. We all have different needs and different issues to overcome – things that separate us from our greater connections – so we have to utilize the guidance and information we have, but we also must listen and wait, and be available for the guidance that we, personally, need to proceed. In this way, we grow into our spiritual development. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: And then I have a dream where it feels like there are these buses that are driven, that take people places, and suddenly I’m given a bus to drive. And, as I go and I pick people up and I drop them off, I’m doing fine with the first one, but I kind of almost feel like a fraud because I’m not sure I’m really ready to be driving a bus or something. 

But then I go to the second place and I see that instead of being able to pull in like normal, one would have to turn around and back in when there isn’t space to do that. 

So then I have a dilemma with getting people off the bus or something, or seeing if I actually can figure out how to park the bus and drive it. 

John: So the dream is revealing, or pointing out, that you have a role or responsibility that’s important in terms of how something is meant to unfold. But that, it’s not going to be what you directly think; what you directly think is what kicks off the motion. 

However, in order to get to what needs to occur, you have to take a step back – you can’t go straight away. In other words, I guess it’s like with anything in life, it tends to be two steps forward, and one step back. And so your involvement isn’t going to work unless you back into it, so to speak. 

And this is the dilemma for the teacher. The teacher is playing a design game, as well. And the student is the exerciser of that design to the degree to which some part of them is able to, so to speak, merge with the teacher in a way so that it catches up with the design that is meant to unfold. It’s not a black-and-white design, it can’t be literally laid out there because a person takes and goes about things so much on their own, a person has to inflect into it, or back into it, or otherwise their own approach.

Even though the steps can be laid out so that they’re kind of nice, from the standpoint that you kind of see that there is a horizon that you’re able to move towards. And to begin with, you may only have a sense of that. And then, from that sense, you don’t have the wherewithal. But then as you contend with the scattering part, the diffused part, and come to develop a clearer understanding or focus, that clearer understanding and focus is nice, but it’s never quite right. It’s always going to be a bit wrong. So it will always require, at the end, a kind of letting go so that you can back into it.

A teacher creates a problem for themselves if they lay something out literally for the student, because the student then is inclined to go in a straight line in relationship to what is laid out for them, and won’t be able to let go in a way that enables them to back into it, or step aside from however it is that a misconstruance will happen. 

So even as the second aspect or phase of the journey in which there is too great a diffusion, in order to pull together a focus to do something, if there is an intercession, or if there is something that causes the focus to ignite, or to get streamlined, it’s not about that focus, there still has to be a sense that goes beyond the focus so that you can let go in a way that backs into this in a letting-go away. Otherwise, that, too, is too much.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Beyond the Focus

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