A Hard Rain

We make think a newborn baby is unsophisticated – and it is, but only in terms of maturing into the culture. Genetically, a newborn is a state-of-the-art human, incorporating all history and innovation for the physical form and its journey on this planet. It remembers the discovery of fire, and the thousands of years of eating bread. Droughts, and monsoons, and volcanoes erupting are also in us, and we have a faint memory of so many things if we are able to listen for them within. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I do the same thing, only the way I say it as the note is: I saw that if I maintained my focus and attention in a consistent way that this will cause to come into life a transformation that shocks the way we perceive.

In other words, the potential transformation. In other words, it will cause to come in an idea of an image of something. It may not be on the here and now radar screen, yet it is something boding within. Or, in other words, what keeps this from happening is we have established ways in which we want to perceive. It is these set characteristics that keep the change from occurring. In other words, you can’t figure out how to get there. 

To break from this we have to let go of familiar images, which flow, or play, through us repetitiously. 

And so, then in the next part, this is the dream that accompanies the note is, I saw myself in an atmosphere in which the outer conditions are predictably known. They may be predictably known, but you can’t do anything about it because the surface is hot and dry. The ground is hard. It’s a predictable condition that has been this way for a long, long time that you’ve come to expect. And that everyone I know expects this. 

Although deep down, I don’t really expect it, even though year after year, in terms of the situation that’s gone by, and I’ve gotten old in this dream, knowing that something more is possible. I can feel in my bones, so to speak, that the way things are is not sustainable. So I’ve been waiting for a shift to occur. And, I’ve been waiting all my life; I’ve gotten old waiting. 

In other words, what I am doing is subjective. I’m sitting and waiting for the container effect to be able to be right. So one day, as I am sitting kind of on a swing, just out there in the middle of nowhere observing the hot, dry set and hard outer conditions, it starts to rain. To begin with the rain is no big deal; the ground absorbs the rain and nothing changes. But it just keeps on raining. And it rains harder and harder. 

This causes me to reflect backwards to something way deep inside of myself in a whole new way – because deep within I have memories of what this can do. I look at the ground around me and realize that it is as hard as it has been. I can see in my mind’s eye that a flash flood, that no one expects, is possible. No one expects, but I can see it in my mind’s eye, and how it can happen out of the blue, even though it has never happened for a long, long time. It is as if I have an ancient memory of such a thing. 

So I kind of hear this as a mantra in my head, which is: don’t go and be a particular way as the expectation would expect. In other words, it’s like I’ve carried the sense about me for a long, long time, and I’ve gotten very old. And I’ve always had this sense from the very beginning. Now everyone I know disregards this, or doesn’t pay any attention to it, because they don’t have that echo. 

Because I have the echo, I haven’t lost the memory of what can happen. And now it is happening. In my ancient memory, the waters will break loose and flow over the area I’m in. For most, this is unheard of. For me it is a perception that is in the recesses of my being as a reminder of what’s to come in the future. 

And so the meaning is, I am not able to plug into life or conduct myself in the usual paradigm ways because I’m not able to drop what I know to be an inner truth, or quality, that I’m born to know. So I hold this truth within in spite of outer appearances to the contrary. To be like this, i.e., to hold what is not readily seeable, is to be a steward of inner change. Others hold the status quo and lose, as a result, the inner connection to the will of God that is able to shift what exists with ease.

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