In Order to Transform

Certain behaviors and mannerisms can be so dominant in us that they can prevent us from making changes we very much seek and want. In this dream, we see the dreamer in the basement hiding away, while a disagreement goes on in another part of himself. Meanwhile, there is a garden that could be great with a little attention and care. This is the way of our interior lives, and, to find greater connection, we need to make all of these aspects aligned to the same purpose and oneness. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And so the thing is, if something is born to be, it’s already designed, it’s already shaped, we just somehow or another have to fall into it, which is what this last thing points out. 

When something comes to be, in what seems to be an unplanned for and unexpected manner, I discover, to my surprise, that I can dig into my pockets and find, nearly forgotten, a ticket. And so then comes the mishmash. In my dream, I go down into the basement of a house; I’m feeling the need to avoid people. 

Out on the porch of the house, a father is having it out with his wayward daughter; I can hear this from the basement. I’m careful and quiet down there, but I can hear everything going on out there because I do not want to be seen, or my presence felt. 

And, in this basement, I have found an old bucket that I plan on taking upstairs. And out in the yard is a garden that needs better attending. It’s all dried out, it’s dug down, it has weeds growing. It does have some things planted, but it needs attention. So what I’m planning on doing is transplanting things to the garden that I seem to have somewhere else, and seeing to it that is better tended. And this garden comes right up to the foundation of the house. 

Meanwhile, though, I hear every word of the father, and he’s railing at the daughter about he has done this and that and the other for her and she’s throwing all of that away; she’s making her life a wreck. And I can tell she needs to find her own way, but this isn’t going to be easy, the way he is tearing her down with his misaligned ideas about how it has to be this way or that way. And my hope is that she can reach inside and access what is needed to overcome such a demoralizing spell. 

The meaning is, the dream indicates that what is going on is in flux. The image and mishmash – flux and mismash – and the image is that transformation or transitioning, but how? How do you have “out with the old, and in with something anew”? Only by letting go, together with a type of self-forgiveness is it possible for change to even have a chance to occur.

And the change that is meant to come through, in order to transform, has to go through an access or healing. The challenge is to let go and be free of a prevailing stigma. But the prevailing stigma gets projected every time you try to fight your way out of the status quo. So if this prevailing stigma is not transcendent, nothing can be designed anew. Anyway, nothing that can be designed anew that is able to evolve meaningfully.

Instead, any stigma conceptions will poison and shatter a shift from manifesting to a meaningfulness. The potentiality you can feel and recognize, that’s important, is still kind of so to speak in the bones, but won’t quite come into a full clarity. It’s almost as if they just can’t quite get out of their dormant state. 

What is needed will fall flat, or, even if there is a shift, the potentiality on the horizon cannot complete to a fulfillment that is meaningful enough to actually change the story. So that’s the dilemma, and everything is set against this happening.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: In Order to Transform

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