Vampire Energy

Energetically speaking, everything we do is an exchange. Sometimes we feed off of the energy of others, and sometimes others feed off of our energy. Mostly this is a fair and reciprocal process, but not always. Some times people like being around us because they feed off of our energy in a one-way exchange, and we feel exhausted afterward. This can be unhealthy for us. We also have inner relationships where one inner aspect is always being a drain to another aspect – and this can prevent us from having the power to move forward. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: What I remember of the dream I had was you and I seem to be on an island, a tropical island of some kind, staying at a resort. You’re actually kind of in the background and don’t come out much till the end of the dream. 

And, what I’m doing on the island, is I seem to be trying to help one person – and stay out of the clutches of somebody else who’s a vampire. It’s not like people have necessarily identified this person as a vampire, so I’m trying to keep moving and keep one person safe. And stay out of the clutches of the vampire myself. 

And it feels like near the end of the film, or what feels like a film, a movie, a dream, whatever, it feels like the person that I’ve been trying to save I feel like the vampire might have gotten him. I’m kind of talking to the people there, and I just want them to let me perform some kind of ritual or something, because that ritual would set this person free to either choose to be with the vampire or to be free. 

But I don’t know if the ritual would mean that they would dissolve, or could they still be in the physical plane, or not? I actually don’t know, so I leave it kind of up to them as a choice and try to at least get that step where they would be able to make that choice and be free. But I don’t know if once that kind of bond is cut if they’re still in the physical or not. 

And then I’m talking with you, because you want us to come back and spend a month on the island. But you being you, you want us to travel around camping out outside. Now this one resort we’ve been staying at, you said we can come there because they have actually beds that are outside, so you’d have a bed. Whether or not you’d actually have a shower or not seems to be my concern. 

I either want us to stay at various resorts, at least where we can get a shower. But I’m not sure I like this idea of camping out for a month on the island never knowing from night to night where you are. So I’m kind of debating that with you. 

John: What you didn’t point out in this dream, but I think it’s still in there, is this whole essence of there being a vampire is something that, before the invoking of this into the dream, is a sense that you had from way, way, way back inside yourself. 

In other words, before having the dream about the vampire, the vampire actually equates to, or comes to, the sense of something that’s lifetimes and lifetimes ago of a vibration inside of yourself. Because you could have had that experience as well, because what the vampire represents is a psychic energy that you are having to handle. And if you don’t handle it, it tears you down. It’s like a vampire energy. It can discombobulate, it can destroy, it could cause a change that’s out of control – even manipulative. 

The idea of sleeping outside, or being in this state of oneness, it’s part of the process of a connectivity. Only the idea is a connectivity in terms of the outer, a kind of practical magic way. However, for that to be okay requires something to come through, and that’s where the rain [shower] comes in. 

In other words, the rain is the bringing down of an energetic. So you’re making a circle. That rain that brings down the energetic is not all that different than the vampire vibration, with the exception that this is something that’s palpable when the vampire energy is something that is too much, or wasn’t able to be handled to the degree that you are meant to be able to handle it. So it comes across as something that throws things askew, as opposed to leading to a cohesion, and balance, between inner and outer, or between psyche and matter.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Vampire Energy

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