Nothing is Certain

We know that our biases will color the way we view things in the outer, and will therefore change our experience of those things. In this way, our outer world is changed by what is happening on an inner level. In this life we may never know the full truth of things, but we can be conscious and aware of how we bias our experience and, in that awareness, minimize the tangents from the truth they might create. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Well, that seemed to be the theme of the dreaming, meaning that it’s not as it appears, and that you have to let go of the appearance of the way something is in order to see something more that is hidden behind it. 

Meaning that to catch up with who you really are, in terms of a soul that’s intertwined with everything that exists, you’re not going to do it if you’re off on one particular tangent or another, or stuck in any given particular tangent or another. Then you can’t shift or change, and recognize and see, in terms of an unfoldment process. 

So I have this dream, that’s like that, too. And I at first thought it made a lot more sense on some other level because I was seeing something, but then I realized, from your dreams, what this was.

In the meditation dream I went deep within to determine if the contamination that I see in the outer originally was shaped from within. In other words, something that I note is off on the inner  is reflecting as off in the outer. 

There were four things that I sought to know, and this was one of those components. In other words, three of the things were acceptable to, somehow or another, my understanding of a flow, but this fourth component I wasn’t sure about for some reason. So I went and I looked.

After seeing it had originated from within, it too was part of what was designed within, I was inclined to believe, as a consequence, the way something was unfolding in the outer, then, was a set-up. 

So the significance is, by going within I’m able to determine that that was so, that something was not right. And in the outer you have the pretension that just isn’t so. So, in other words, I draw out what you did in a long way. 

So in the next dream, a person comes into the area where I’m sitting. He’s carrying a ruffled paper. I say to him, if he is done reading it? He says, yes, and he gives it to me. I make a smug remark back. He turns around and offers me some change for the used paper back. The way he does it is textbook in style. My remark had gotten to him, and so he wasn’t going to lend the paper now. 

A person watching us says, after a remark like that, what do you expect? Suddenly I realized that I still have a section of the paper, I get his attention as he’s leaving to give him this portion. And then I’m turning back to the other person and kind of acknowledging that there’s something more going on here – without saying it.

The meaning of putting the two dreams together is: everything is known, but nothing is certain is the prologue theme that comes out of all of this. What happened was intentional. So, in the dream, this took place as an inner into outer drill down upon another aspect that the initial dream left off. In other words, there’s more to the unfolding; I only saw a portion of it. 

Just like in the outer, you hardly see anything, on the inner it can be like that, too, where you only catch up with so much and you can get off on some tangent as a consequence of that. And that’s why there’s these different paths that have these different ways and different mannerisms because they get caught in a particular modality – and that, too, is a problem.

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