A Fracturing

What doesn’t break us, makes us stronger. You might also say, what doesn’t make us stronger, breaks us. The idea here is that anything and everything we think of, or do, or come in contact with on the inner or in the outer is an energetic that needs to be incorporated into the “new” us that is being formed every moment. If we are not a oneness with ourselves, we will appear as fragmented to the world. And if we are not a oneness in ourselves we cannot merge with the oneness of the rest. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, in this dream, I seem to have my apartment, but I do have a boyfriend. And I’ve left where he is and I’ve gone to, it’s almost like a gathering of people that I’ve known from years ago. 

And they’re questioning me because I had gone back and spent some time with one of the seminar leaders that nobody else trusts anymore. And they wanted to know how I’d done that, and I said that I didn’t trust him, either, but I just knew it was important to go back and spend some time there. It’s almost like it healed something in me, or it did something for me. It wasn’t that I trusted them anymore than they did, but I just needed to go back and do that. 

And then another person from that time comes into the room. And there’s always been a little bit of an attraction there, but then he starts to come over to me and somebody is even teasing me about it. Then he gets a phone call, and I think he has a daughter and the two grandchildren are in town, he hasn’t seen them for a long time. So he starts to rush out the door to go see them. 

Then he comes back in, He goes into another room and he gets two kittens; he thinks that if he takes the two kittens with him when he goes to see the grandchildren that’ll help kind of break the ice because he hasn’t seen them for a long time. And I tell him, no, that two kittens is kind of overkill and he should just take one kitten. 

He leaves and somebody else there is teasing me, they think that his girlfriend is breaking up with him and that I’ll probably see him. I don’t know what I’m thinking about that. I go home, and for some reason I think my boyfriend’s kind of left the scene, but I go into the bathroom. And we have this actually beautiful toilet. It seems like that’s all that’s in the bathrooms is this beautiful toilet that’s made out of wood. 

But I see it’s in a couple of pieces. So I’m looking at this and wondering why? Part of it’s in one part of the room, and then another in another part of the room. And then my boyfriend, who I thought had left, comes rushing in, he says, I just want you to know it’ll still work. And then he runs back out because he’s watching some kind of soccer game, or something. And I’m standing there looking at this toilet. But I’m still not sure it’s going to work when it’s not all in one piece. And I think that was when I woke up. 

John: So you did this the opposite way which now gives me information in terms of how energy flows. I’m used to looking at energy from the masculine standpoint: that it comes from inner into outer. 

But it also goes from outer to inner, and that’s a feminine trait. Because the feminine has its access in the physical, it has its awareness there, as well, in terms of how it draws its understanding; naturally draws its understanding. It is closer to this kind of an affinity. 

And so what rises up from the outer has tendencies, and you have to look at how it rises up, and in its rising up it can have a kind of discombobulation to it. And yet within that is a focus that can pull to a oneness there, as well. The outer is a trait that has a natural sort of magnetism in terms of how it sorts things out. And so you have to use that magnetism, the rising up of a magnetism, even when there is the step back, where one takes and appears to go backwards in terms of picking up an experience of a vibration that is hitting them, that is a rising-up energy or a magnetism energy. 

They have to take and they have to look at that and put that into an orientation of a oneness, or otherwise they will continually keep getting fractured. And there will constantly be a fracturing where the rising up of the vibratory magnetism energy will cause things to be this way, and this way, and this way and that way. So one has to notice how that is an aspect that teaches and shows and guides. See, this is the opposite of what I was shown.

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