Give It Time

We all process energy in different ways. For the masculine aspect, within either gender, the challenge is in not reacting too quickly. In other words, life happens in new ways, so we don’t always have the perfect tool in our tool box to “handle” what is unfolding. We may need input from different aspects within before we can make a determination of how to proceed. In this way, we allow a greater wisdom to have time to emerge. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: See, this is the opposite of what I was shown. What I was shown is the vibratory energy coming in brings in a particular kind of state, or quality, or input, or effect. 

And because of how one currently is in manifestation, not as grounded as one needs to be as a masculine, the tendency is to take what one can access and pull it down in an outbreath kind of fashion – as opposed to the rising up of the inbreath – to take that and let it integrate and intertwine with the whole.

To not react over this state that that can throw you in, because you have a propensity of nature that doesn’t have the grounding that comes all the way down, you have the propensity to be overly reactive, or to take it in a way that isn’t as complete and as whole as it needs to be. In other words, this is the opposite of what the feminine is doing in terms of the imbalance in the rising up. In this case, it’s the masculine, opposite theme, in terms of something that comes down. 

And so I was told that each time I’m hit with this, rather than think that I understand it based upon the propensity of something that I’m hit with, to wait to the next day. In other words, allow it to integrate; give it some time to become part of a greater overall intertwined consciousness. But to react to the state, at the time that that state hits, is to keep noodling in states, as opposed to it evolving, integrating, finding its own way as a station. 

Another way to have looked at it is to just notice that I am naturally inclined, being ungrounded and unbalanced, the masculine is naturally inclined to take things in an overly reactive way initially. And that, because it’s like that, a means has been devised to work with that, or to work around that, because it isn’t as grounded as it needs to be. 

And the means that has been devised – and I was told over and over and over again, with every little dream, including the meditation that I had – was to reconcile the two sides, in my particular case in the dream world, was to wait to the next day, which meant let it integrate and intertwine because it’s all part of a fluid flow. Or, otherwise, you’re going to have your tangentiality that is quite common to the masculine. 

And the quality and the trait of the feminine is always noticing this. The masculine has this, and it has this, and has this,and it has that. And that it’s the feminine’s role to pull it through and pull it down. And, in doing so, that causes something to be fed in terms of how the feminine is as a container. And then what rises up in her is something that she then comes to know as her pent-up consciousness awakening, the soul awakening, more from how it is in a manifested wholeness way. 

But in order to catch up with the manifested wholeness way, when she is affected by the energy of the masculine that comes down and touches her in a particular way, she too has to be careful in terms of looking at how that magnetism works because she is held in place by a type of magnetism of how manifestation is. She has to be careful to notice that what rises up also needs to have to be integrated and intertwined with the whole. 

So you have two different ways of working with energy involved. You have it from the standpoint of something that’s created in God’s image, which is manifestation. And what rises up there has to awaken in a certain aligned way, an intertwined way, with the overallness of an aliveness that is, and can’t get thrown this way or that way into an imbalanced state that comes before the feminine, in this regard, that that also intertwines into a greater consciousness. 

Or, in other words, those states become stations, but they do it in a different directive mode than the masculine who has the fire and brimstone seed thought of something that comes down and through that can set off a reaction that, at first glance, is too much and is taken in a bookish way and isn’t yet integrated, isn’t grounded, isn’t intertwined, and, as consequence, isn’t something that you’re able to know as much as you need to be able to know in terms of what is consciously perceivable. 

And so, if you think about it, this predicament is quite a conundrum for the soul to awaken through because it has this huge problem. Like, for example, was I was seeing inside myself it’s got this huge problem of how, when it comes across in a particular way, it is taken in an erroneous way.

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