Everything a Struggle

Have you ever noticed how dense some people can be? Try as you might, you just can’t seem to get through to them. Well, we are all the characters in our dreams, so when we are shown such a frustrating situation where no one is paying attention, and they’re all distracted by frivolous things, we are getting a glimpse of how “thick” we can be to our own self. We may be gaining consciousness, and awakening on many levels, but there are still parts of us that are as dumb as rocks – and our systems are trying to help us with them. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, in my dream just everything seems to be discombobulated and disoriented. And it starts out with somebody had come to visit me, maybe two people. And the woman is maybe kind of mentally deficient. And the man is a little different. 

And so everybody just assumes for some reason that he’s molested the woman, and has locked him away or something. And I don’t believe this, but you can’t get through to these people around me. They just assume things and they’re not very conscious. 

Then it’s like people are preparing for a party in this city, and there’s a woman there that’s come to visit. And she’s having a little trouble with adjusting to the city, but everybody is so focused on getting ready for this event that they’re not helping her. In fact, they even seem to tell her she can’t participate with them at one thing, I guess, because they just don’t see that she’s in distress, or they’re not helping her to adjust. 

She kind of wanders out into the city in a bit of a daze, and she goes up to the roof. And for some reason she ends up on the outside of the building, just kind of clinging like maybe she’s gonna fall all these stories. 

Then people come to the rooftop to celebrate the party, and she’s kind of clinging to the building there and needs help getting back in, and they’re just kind of talking and looking over her head and it feels like I or somebody else have to holler at them to finally get them to haul her in so she doesn’t fall off the building – because they’re just so unconscious. 

It feels like at the same time, I finally can bring to somebody’s attention that whatever they’ve accused the other man of he couldn’t have done, but it’s just that because he’s different, and the girl was disoriented, nobody wanted to bother to understand. It’s so frustrating, because people are just talking, and not with it, and not thinking about what anybody else needs and it goes over their head. It’s just totally frustrating to deal with. 

John: So, what the dream is portraying is that you are in an energetic weight; you’re carrying an energetic weight that is pulling your psyche down. And, when something becomes too much, so that it pulls your psyche down, it causes all around you – your aura way of dealing with things – to shrink, and that everything becomes an obstacle, or is difficult.

And so all around you, you keep seeing that things are just harsh, hard and difficult, heavy in their nature. This is how contending with things, for a basic human being, starts; they have to struggle with everything. 

There is a struggling, there is a type of struggling that exists that is more towards the point where you kind of are meant to know better, but haven’t quite reached the knowing-better stage. In more of a heaviness, frustration, is where you seem to be stuck or lost in. This is a point where, if you surrender, there is a way to be shown and to be told. But, until you do, this kind of weight is what gives you headaches and everything else, because you’re not taking and finding the flow, or the means, or the mannerism in which to properly release what is pent up. 

So your dream is about a condition that is harbored or pent up in your psyche that has to come out of its repressed nature so that your psyche can flow instead of it being pent up. When something is as heavy as that is and one’s life is filled with the sensation of a heaviness, it’s an energetic that has a thickness that, as you reverb around trying to figure out how to get out of the spell, you become just nauseous from it, and can develop a headache even. 

So your dream is kind of explaining that there is something about whatever it is that you’re supposed to be able to not push aside, but to confront, because when you push something aside you weaken yourself. But when you confront it, and you cut through it, or cut it down to size, make a step through it, you’re redeeming yourself. You’re healing. You’re catching up with your own sense of who you are and your own power. 

So this is a dream that’s kind of ratting you out, in a way. But it is a dream that doesn’t take you to the next step. You just stay in this state. You’re still contending with things in a very dense way, kind of thing, where everything is a struggle.

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