The World of Hints

We all are aspects of the universe, and, being that we are manifest in the physical realms, the unseen, energetic levels of what is universal wants to use us, in our uniqueness, to emerge from the unseen into the seen and felt. In this way we provide a service to the whole, and we also fulfill what is natural and designed in us. This mutual exchange is what powers the evolution of all things. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then, in my second dream, I seem to be standing down near a subway platform underground. And there’s these kind of big guys that are around me that are lining up that are undercover police officers, and I’m making sure that they look okay to go out on their undercover work. 

Like one of them has a hat that’s put on backwards and a white shirt, and somebody else has on a blue shirt, but I have to make sure they have some kind of look to them that will pass on the street when they go out as undercover policemen. 

And that just seems to repeat a couple times, it’s just my job to make sure that they look like the role they’re going to play so they can get by as they go undercover.

John: Yes, again, it’s the carrying of a quality that has to be done in a discreet way, in terms of being able to bring something out into the open. Or, in other words, to be able to manifest something, like a policeman has a responsibility, has a duty. 

That’s the missing word, is a duty, because you went up, and you did something, you do something that’s like a duty, a responsibility, it’s a certain responsibility and the word duty. And, when you do that it creates a relief, creates some sort of balance in terms of how something is to be. 

Because the other aspect of the theme of the dreaming is that we all have a particular quality and a particular manner in which we are designed to be able to do something in an opened-up way, with ourselves, that is unique to each of us, or special to each of us. And, basically, like a memo. And your particular memo is that of being able to take and cause a sudden epiphany, in relationship to responsibility and duty to pop out. Responsibility and duty, you’re working with something so that it can perform, or pop, something together, or so something can pop out. 

In other words, the deeper meaning of this is that, underneath this, you break through the mystery, you can break through the little subtle mysteries, in terms of what is going on, which is the same thing as saying that you can catch up with the hint. 

And, thus, you are a player in the world of hints, or you can recognize the meaningfulness of coincidences and of things that are happening. Or, another way of saying it is, you can tell from the thread of the way something is unfolding, what more as a responsibility and duty is within that. Very interesting. You notice that about yourself. You must, or you wouldn’t dream it.

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