What Is Given

Sometimes we do something and then we say to ourselves: I knew that was going to work. Something in us could sense the timing and the flow, and knew when to make our action, or add what we had to add. We may think that this is a fleeting or random moment that we have no control over, but it’s closer to the truth to understand that our system is always making these kinds of assessments for us, but we have to practice the listening to it so that the subtleties of the messages become much clearer to us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, still following the same theme, which is that if you look around carefully in every person that you meet and see, you will notice that there is something about them that is natural for them that they’re able to catch up with, that they can flow with, almost as if it’s a quality that is a naturalness just for them. 

In your particular case, you caught up with your responsibility and duty in terms of how it is that you work with something that unfolds. And, in terms of yourself, that reflects to others, and reflects upon others. 

Now, I’m having to do this, by way of letting a given state settle, letting the given state settle and then letting that state, and the qualities of the expansiveness of that state, ooze out. And, as it oozes out, I can come and I can take little glimpses within that oozing out, as opposed to just taking the big state in a laser bolt, and it is left like that. 

Now, the states that come through are like laser bolts to the masculine, and then the feminine is able to spread the whole thing out. And so as you develop a feminine you learn to let something settle to where you get it, so that you don’t twang off. 

And so the meditation dream is something that you just can’t report because you get it, in a whole overall sense. I go through the process of realizing that I am connected to everything in the meditation dream, so what unfolds makes sense to me because I am aware that this is how it is. I see no reason to do anything other than abide. 

Another reason for not coming out of the meditation dream is because I felt my condition was obvious. In other words, in the meditation dream, I come out of the meditation dream when there’s something to bring back, you know, almost as if you’re slicing through or sorting something out. But the whole thing was obvious: I was the outer from the inner point of view. I was the outer from the inner point of view.

I had a hint, in the dream, in which I saw a decision going on around this, about this, and I connected it as a way of talking about oneself, the viability of a this or a that as if a “yes” didn’t yet exist for reporting purposes. In other words,, it was just the overallness. And I was okay with it all, got it all. 

So now I break it out. And now I take and I’m doing this like you. I go into a restaurant with three people. As an aspect of ordering here, or of eating in this place, each person is entitled to draw from a number of cards, or slots, or whatever it is, to see if they can get a break in the meal price – kind of like a quasi type of gambling. 

And you can do this in a number of ways. The way I do it is I just reach in ambivalently. And so I hit the discount; I didn’t have to pay anything from the discount that I had. And so now it’s the next person’s turn. And they consider me lucky, and so they say: you pick. As if I can sense the discount, which I can. And I just stick my hand in, flip it out. Now this person to get the discount had to put up five bucks; they got $20 back. And he says, then, well, that isn’t hard. Why do they even have this sort of thing, anybody can do it? It is if you have the sense. 

So then, in the next dream, I’m traveling with a friend. We go into a place which is strange to me. You know, I’m not sure how you conduct yourself in this place because it’s kind of like a bar or something. What can you do in a bar? Well, my friend knows how to be in such a place. So he just kind of takes over. He knows that to be here there’s a certain given thing that is okay, and that you don’t indulge and go beyond that. 

So just like in some bars like you might have peanuts on the table and stuff like that, and then you’re expected to order your drinks and they give you the peanuts for free. Well, in this particular case, they had a little sample tray that maybe cost something but it was extremely cheap. It was the lead-in because then you would drink and you do this, that, and the other.

So he picks up the sample tray on the table that’s available to anyone who sits down, hands it over to me, and I help myself. And it’s just what we need. We do not order a beer or get sucked into anything else. 

So, what all this means is both dreams are about listening to how it is that a person is able to flow and connect and not probe out unnaturally – as if we can do that. Everyone else gambles. In other words, they’re bewildered, they don’t really know how it is that they are. What I am talking about is a natural flow that is a given. 

So the deeper meaning is that we each have a natural nature that works for us. Incorporating the meditation dream, deep within I know how it is that I am meant to be and there is no mystery about it. I can take that into any setting and be at home in this inner way, able to denote what it is that I can thread. Others sort through things, I pop the bubble naturally. In other words, it’s not really a sorting, just boom, right there.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: What Is Given

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