Something Loud

We can look at our dream images where nothing seems to go according to plan, and every connection is missed, and understand that we are out of sync in the imagery. In waking life, when nothing seems to go smoothly, do we take a moment to pause and see that something is trying to tell us something about our inner state and how it is being reflected by our experience in the outer? We receive messages from the inner levels both day and night, but it is up to us to pay attention to what we are being shown, and why. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My dreams last night just seemed all jumbled up. The first one, all I remember about it was that Neil Patrick Harris, the actor, was in it, and he seemed very dominant because he has that kind of energy. 

And, in the second dream, what I remember about it was I seemed to be in India, and I was in a large room that had a screen going all around it. There was a long table with all kinds of jewelry on it that was being put together. And there was a man that was in charge of that. And they gave me a piece of string and a couple earrings, and I was supposed to do something that linked them together with a particular knot, or a way. 

And I was having trouble getting the hang of it. The women around me had been doing it a long time and they knew how to do it, but I was having trouble getting it to work and struggling with it. It feels like I finally did put something together, but then he came back and was looking for what I’ve done and I’ve misplaced the earrings and the string and didn’t know where they were.

Well, I got up and I was looking around because it felt like you had gone out and I saw some people coming to the door and I didn’t have any food in the house. And they were people I didn’t even know; they knew some people that were guests in that room, because there were a lot of people already in the house. And they wanted to come in and bring all these other people with them and I didn’t know any of them. I didn’t have any food, I didn’t even know why they were coming and they’re bringing people of all different ages. And I’m trying to keep them out and make them go away because I really don’t know what to do with them. 

Meanwhile, I have found the earrings that were lost but probably aren’t up to standard. And then I’ve gone into the kitchen to see what I can do there, and it feels like the kitchen faucet starts to break. And I try to wash the dishes and I finally turn it tight so I get it turned off, so it’s not broken off completely. But it just was like one of those totally frustrating dreams.

John: The schematic theme that hit the inner was the aspect of something being loud, in your case like this particular actor. What that did is it caused undue attention to be there in relationship to trying to catch up with the inner, because the inner is meant to flow into the outer, not the other way around. And if the outer is predominating, based upon something that has occurred, it keeps the inner from working as it needs to work. 

And so your dream then was taking that schematic and you’re having to play with that schematic kind of like I am: you’re shown something that’s one way, in this case you’re shown an imbalance in terms of the way you’re meant to be connected – because you’re indulging and paying attention to, and are affected by, something loud. 

And then you take that into a dream in order to distill it. And in the dream, because you’re not relating properly to the inner and the outer, you’re being shown that you can’t intertwine things, you’re out of sync with what there is around you. You’re out of sync because you’re not connected properly to a transmissive flow that you need to have to be properly functionable. You have been wigged out based upon maintaining a loudness in the outer, not letting go of it and holding on to it, and it’s affecting you in a particular way that comes across to show that you aren’t able to intertwine, or to pull the stuff together to properly thread it through in terms of the flow. That you have it out of sync. 

And the way I reported that to myself, when I saw something like that, was it was because the soul wasn’t being given a proper chance to move around. And that the big issue had to do with the fact that one was trying to do work with the inner in the wrong way. One was thinking that the inner was going to have to respond after being bombarded by something of the outer. The thing inner, then, could respond over the top and be okay.

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