A Meeting of Above and Below

We often hear about the above and the below, about how they are reflections of one another and how we can understand one by seeking to understand the other. Yet a further aspect of this symbiotic relationship is the human in service to creation, or the below working for the above. That possibility is fulfilled when we allow something, and energetic, an inspiration, an idea, a feeling to emerge into the physical realms safely and untainted by our biases and predilections. It’s not easy to do, but it is one of our highest callings. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So the meditation dream, even though it was short, was really to the point. In my meditation dream there is a water system that is permitted on the inner level, which means in other words, it’s accepted, it’s permitted, it’s in place – but it’s on the inner level.

I don’t have it permitted over in the area where it needs to be, which means in the outer, and yet it’s meant to be re-permitted here. In other words, it exists on the inner and I see it, and I looked into the outer and it’s not there; the level within where I experience what I access is not yet here.

It’s a very strange kind of dream in that it didn’t look that difficult to do. It looked like it was pretty plain and apparent how all the permits and whatnot, the way something works, with the water unfoldment of something looked very, very clear cut on the inner. And then when I looked at the outer, none of that was here. But it looked like it needed to be here. It looked like, now I get the understanding, it just needs to be here. And when it’s here, then it’s brought through. 

So the observation is to be aware of something important in life, on the inner level, is the precursor to it awakening in the outer. This is so because the flow that I need to access and awaken to is from inner into outer. 

An awakened soul is meant to be in an overall consciousness of oneness on all levels. Or, said another way, in the meditation dream it was obvious to me that what I saw on the inner is meant to be established here as well. 

So that’s like the observation. The meaning is: a picture speaks 1000 words because I saw this inside and so I just want to recreate it in the outer. I can still see this on the inner level and I know what I foresee within is meant to reflect here as well. What I’m describing involves the soul being able to awaken into the outer world reflectively. Or said as a conclusion of a process, the above and below meet.

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A Different Approach

We often see the resistance we are putting up, inside, when we experience the feeling of being chased in a dream. What we are trying to escape from is often a deeper connection between inner aspects, or we are avoiding making a brand new integration that scares us for some reason. In this dream we also see the outcome of such an integration: a new ability to utilize an inner power to move forward in a different way. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: As far as I remember about any dreams I had closer to morning, I think they were just about the headache I had, almost like how to work with it or something. I don’t remember that as well. 

But I had this dream and image last night and, in that image, I’m in this black buggy being pulled by a horse. It feels like there’s a young boy or young man in there with me, too, I don’t quite see clearly. And we’re being pursued and trying to get away – even maybe being shot at. 

And then the horse shakes off the traces that are pulling the buggy and goes down the road a bit, it stops in the middle of the road. And now it’s quite bright out. And then the horse goes down there and then he turns around; it’s a red horse, a roan horse. And I go up to the horse and it agrees for me to place a rope in its mouth, just like taking a bit, and I get the rope and I get on its back. 

And it’s fine so far, but then when the man, or the boy, that had been in the buggy with me comes out and gets on the horse, too, the horse at first slumps down like it’s maybe all too heavy for it. But then it gets up. And then we seem to get away, even though someone’s chasing us. And I have a sense that we’re okay. 

And then it’s almost like after all this is happening I see a flash of the boy that had been with me and I see that he’s on a train. He hitchhiked a ride on this train, is my feeling. And there’s this white camel that has come and it’s kind of laying outside the car he’s in and maybe even stuck his head through the glass, like it can pass its head through glass. So it can stick its head in the compartment where he’s hitched this ride for wherever he’s going, like, he’s just going to go on to the world or something. And that was the dream. 

John: So the dilemma that gets this going on multiple levels has to do with getting beyond a complaint. And the complaint is that something is too much. And when you get beyond the complaint of something being too much you actually can travel to other levels, you can actually take in other levels. 

So there’s a pressure on you. In terms of the pressure, and because it’s a horse, a horse represents power, and there’s a way of surrendering to the power, or going with the power. And that if you don’t it’s too much for you, or you have the sense that it’s too much – the power, all of that that’s going on is too much. 

Each of those things is trying to break through. I mean, you’re starting off in kind of an oppressed state, you’re starting off in a scenario in which the situation around you is not something that’s balanced. In other words, the flow is constrained. As you gain some sort of distance against whatever it is, and try to catch up with yourself, then it’s as if something is too much. That can be like a type of exhaustion. 

The key is to go into this stuff, you go into what you experience inside, kind of eagerly, not feeling like the whole thing is a bit too much. Or, otherwise, you’re accepting an exhaustion, or you’re seeing it as exhaustive, instead of seeing it as an unfolding process. I mean, this continues, you have level after level. This is like the first step. The first step was the whole sensation of something that is pursuing you or oppressing you. And that when you gain a bit of a reprieve from that, you’re then required to shift and break through and not be in a situation where you can’t quite catch your power, catch up with the power, as if something is too exhausting. Because this is just the beginning, there’s more to come.

So the boy goes into the future, that’s an image where something comes into its own. Something comes into its own and there’s a connection that’s made, and it’s able to travel. And as you said it had a whole futuristic sense to it. The other was like the precursor to it. It was like something that built up to a crescendo and then the whole thing is about something able to approach life differently. 

So, in the first part of the dream, you are oppressed as a woman, as the feminine, and not able to take on the masculine at the same time. And in the second part of the dream the masculine is complete. The boy is able to free-flow and has a rapport with his nature, which is more than just power. I wonder what a camel stands for; it’s probably like another sort of power, but in a different disciplined way. 

It’s like being able to venture anywhere: on the train, with the camel. It’s like another realm. So the horse progresses to a camel, and you catch up with a purified camel, not one that spits and carries on and acts up. One that’s well-trained, one that does the bidding, that’s merged with its owner. That’s attentive to its owner.

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A Deeper State

Sometimes when we watch a movie we get so caught up in the unfolding action that we completely miss the real message behind the story; we don’t pick up on what is really being said. The times that we are able to see the deeper significance beyond the exciting plot is usually when we have a stepped-back view of things, or an elevated view of things, or we are seeing it from a place deeper within us that has greater connections. Only then do the actions of the characters begin to make sense to us – and we understand how the outcome is inevitable. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in my dreams, I contend with this incongruity. In this dream I’m in touch with the reception desk; it’s like I have them on the phone. And I hear a dispatch call come in that says that this is the police department, and we’re here, and we’ve come to pick up a particular person. 

And he calmly tells them that what they mean is some other place. And he gives out the address to this other place where this person is at. And the reason why he’s familiar is because there’s a relative or something of that person who lives here. And, of course, what they’re after is this other party. So the authorities recheck whatever it is that they have, and they say, oh, yes, yes, you are right. 

Meaning: a situation in the outer where things are disjointed and out of sync. The outer basically is disjointed and out of sync. There’s something on the inner, where the connection is, and the outer becomes a storyline. 

The dream reflects that the deeper state of things are on the inner, as was set forth in the meditation dream. The outer is the playground of it to help you catch up. 

And so, in the next dream, I’m observing a class that is doing health exercises. Even though I don’t do such exercises, I know somehow that what they are doing doesn’t directly accomplish the intended purpose. I also feel I’m too old for this sort of thing. 

Nevertheless, I come off the sidelines and show them that if you jump up and down in a particular way, so as to oxygenate the system, that you can then have the intended effect – to a certain degree, anyway – for healing purposes. 

The meaning is, another example of where people are doing things that do not necessarily accomplish directly the intended purpose. So I have a memory, within, of what they seek. But the question I have for myself is: am I able to bring this through for them to see and make a small correction? 

In this dream I know that there needs to be an access to what they seek that fits with where they are at. So I reach into the overall and make a much needed connection that aligns them to the breath and an inner flow they seek. This is just a step. Not what I do for myself, but a step that furthers the connection in the way they are seeking. More would be too much, and would cause a reaction. This is in keeping that’s where they are at.

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