The Connective Link

Flow has a natural direction. When something goes against that natural direction, blockages can occur. If we consider ourselves as a conduit, what are we a conduit for, and which direction do we flow? The flow from higher to lower, from inner into outer, is a cleansing and healing direction for us. When we allow outer aspects to dominate our processing, we are putting blockages in the way of the natural letting go and easement. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The whole overall schematic of all of this is that the above and below are meant to come together because the below is deemed – meaning manifestation – is deemed to be that which is created in God’s image. And his image that is being imaged is this transmissive flow, or in other words, the connective link through this transmissive flow of inner coming into outer that can catch up with what that image is all about and cause it to release and be free, instead of pent up, and blocked, and wayward, and in a state of bewilderment.

It’s in a state of bewilderment, or bizarred out, because a human being is the one that is meant to be able to effectuate the connective link between the inner to the outer, to bring the above and below back together. But that’s not going to happen if what goes on in the outer is louder than what can happen in terms of the subtleness of an inner flow. 

So, the way the meditation dream hit me was, in my meditation dream world, I’m trying to reconcile how I feel in terms of the day, in terms of the outer, with what exists there. It confuses me that there is no way for me to take what I experience, in the outer, and make sense of it on the inner. 

So I’m trying to do this; somehow or another I’m off on this tangent. And I’m seeking and seeking to take whatever it is that I’ve gone through, that has caused me to be a little off vibrationally in the outer, and I’m trying to get the inner to work with that, in other words, as if I’m taking outer to inner. Whatever my reaction is, from the outer, I am not able to correspond it to an inner action. 

Yet, I’m seeking to do this, and then wake up having done this with the report of what that’s like. I’m able to have a meditation dream when I have let go of the energetic influence upon my psyche, so as to go somewhere else within. I’m not able to reverse the process by taking how it is I am in the outer, in terms of my sense orientation, outer sense orientation, and make this into something else within. 

I’m used to being able to reflect my findings. I have nothing to say when it comes to the outer energetic as a realness within – because it’s not. But yet I’ve been trying to make it so. So when I am not able to let go of the way that I am indulged by the outer reflections, I get confused because the inner meditation world cannot do anything with that, per se. When the inner comes down and touches something on the outer it can release the energetic that corresponds, that’s the mirror, vibrational mirror. But you can’t go around in a darkened state, and throw the darkened state up there as if that’s what’s going on. Because it’s not; that’s not the image. That’s not properly intertwined, everything was askew. 

So I’m lost in terms of inner into outer when I start with the outer as my motif. Over and over I tried to bring the outer sensation, as if real, to the inner and then back and couldn’t get this to work that way. I was exhausting myself from not letting go. Which means when something’s bothering you that’s why you can get headaches and stuff, too, because you’re trying to make it work in a bewildered way. 

So what is going on is I am caught in between; this is a sort of whiplash effect that cannot be correspondingly reconciled. And you’re caught in between because you’re not working from above, in terms of above to below, or inner into outer. To have to live like that would tear a person apart. That’s why people go insane when they get overly affected by what’s going on in the outer because there’s nothing there to identify with from an outer into inner frame of reference. 

And so then to show how bizarre it is, as a dream that’s bizarre, I hadn’t even gone to sleep and I saw this bizarre dream. I see myself sitting in a cop car, but I’m on the driver’s side of the car. The cop is on the passenger side. And, of course, we’re at the airport, which is where you go back and forth to things. And I’m going to do it from the opposite side of things. I’m going to be doing it from the cop’s side, and the cop is going to be the passenger. I mean, it just doesn’t work that way. 

And, as I’m sitting there, I see a way that the car can move forward, because we’re kind of in that arrival zone or something and we’re boxed in. And I see a way that the car can move forward. Yet, before I do anything, I realize, no, this isn’t quite right. So I say to the cop: Can we switch sides? I don’t feel comfortable sitting in the driver’s seat. I could get into an accident here if something happened. 

The meaning: inner into outer, not the other way around.

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