A Reflective Area

There are many ways, or levels, to how we may interact with the physical world around us. We may talk to our plants, or we may walk the land in a meditative and intentional way. We may “listen” to what everything around us is trying to say: a plant needs watering, the birds are unhappy with the tree that was taken down. Yet there is a deeper level of connection, where the flow from within us is intertwined with the flow of the external world, and a true communication can be established. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, there’s a restaurant called Akbar where a person has lunch, or they can have lunch. This restaurant is a place where a person can experience the outer reflective reference. This is an in-between reflective area; the energetic has not gotten beyond the energetic reflective conditioning of manifestation. 

The Akbar restaurant is a matter-based reality, which means the reflection is of a matter-based orientation. I notice that if I were to take this into focus, I wouldn’t be able to penetrate the psyche. The reason is because this space is where reality is streaming into the outer, which then becomes, and is, the reflection. 

The reflection must fall away, and does so, meaning that by falling away it gets completed, in terms of above and below, when the flow that exists from within – called the psyche – breaks the outer veil. Well, corresponds to the outer reflection might be another way of saying it. Normally the veil is the fact that you don’t put the two together. 

The psyche needs the inner into outer to flow, in order to do so. Well, the psyche needs to come into matter for the inner and the outer to flow. That’s how it should be said. Or to have that sense of flow. Actually, when it’s just kind of doing it is when you have a flow. When it is fully, actually doing it, you have a stillness. 

In the meditation dream, I find myself with the poet. The poet is designed to touch matter in an inner into outer way. This is an awakening which penetrates the other reflective genres. The Akbar restaurant is an outer frame of reference. I know that the psyche ball of energy is the food needed. I notice the reflective but do not use this for awakening purposes. First of all, you can’t use that for awakening purposes, you’re only deluding yourself if you think you are – drawing conclusions about something that’s just reflecting. 

And then, because when it got caught it the reflective, then we get opinions about that so we have reflective upon reflective. Oh, it gets really, really silly that way. So instead I use the psyche to penetrate such matter, or the matter. 

So what is going on is the Akbar restaurant is a physical, in-between genre orientation, or, I should say, it’s a set mode, it’s kind of a mode in the outer. You could even say it has a note to it. The psyche orientation takes into account the outer reflective Akbar restaurant, which means that it’s within the psyche. It’s just a piece within the psyche; the psyche is so much more. 

And, because the psyche’s so much more, this is not a place from which change occurs in and of itself. That is so because matter focused upon psyche can’t go anywhere, because it’s the psyche that’s the real McCoy and the matter of something is but a reflection from an aspect of psyche in a frozen-time way. 

So psyche is what awakens embedded images within matter. Matter is a freeze-frame reflection of a split second moment of the psyche. Psyche is an ever-changing dynamic imaged from within.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: A Reflective Area

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