From Note to Tune

Who are we? Why are we alive? We might say that one of the purposes of an individual life is to sing our song, a tune written by us by the very act of our living. The music is provided by God and creation, and, when we have attuned ourselves to hear the music it will move us in a way such that we will respond to the call of our Creator and write our response. And, in the end, we really want to be able to belt it out. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And so then, when I came to bed, I was going through things but I was never waking up and writing them up. And then all of a sudden I woke up and it’s amazing how much I could write up – in short ways, though. 

In this dream a question comes up in terms of a person. I am asked, Would you like the information we have on this person? I say, no, I can get the report by looking at how they are on an inner energetic level. 

This continues the theme of inner into outer as being the direct and more inclusive source of how a person is. 

And so, in this dream, I am in a place where everyone is given a song to sing. The song I’m given pleases me. I mean, it pleases me because I can hum the note. I know the note; I can hum it. It’s familiar to me, somehow. 

There comes a point in time when he says, Okay, the next to come up, or such such and such and such, are you okay with your song? And that causes me to stop and think. Yes, I was okay with the note, now they’re saying song; I had to put words to this. 

So I wonder, in the dream, if this is something that should be sung for all to see? I could be content with kind of the note. But I’ve agreed to do this because when it’s asked if everyone is okay with singing their song, I kind of throw my hand up concurring. But before my song comes up, I go to the DJ who plays the tune and ask for a copy of the words. It doesn’t mean I can pull in what is in front of me that’s beyond the beyond. 

So, we have a particular note that suits us, and with that comes the words that correspond to the tune, or a note. The note reflects in the outer, the tune is located within. So if I were to be asked the difference between inner and outer, that is how I can answer the question: note reflects in the outer, tune is transmitted from within – the tune with the words. 

So then I’m asked, What is it that I really think about the inner into outer as an issue? My comment is, in terms of using analogies now, puja is a frozen moment in time. Puja is big in Hinduism, but it is not fluid, and it is reflective to a constantly intertwining flow, which is something else. 

Now puja, ideally, on a very, very high level is a stillness, but you don’t go there you get lost in the puja. So there comes a time when you have to go from note to tune. Similarly speaking, I look at music, which is important to the Chistis like puja is to the Hindu, there comes a time when both are transcendent. When the soul awakens, music is no longer important – the soul has found its way. Until then music is the medium that tunes the soul into the inner psyche of the outer that is in matter as a denoted flow. 

Scenario: The poet’s interconnection goes beyond puja, a setness to a moment, and is more than the musical note and outer reflection. The poet crosses lots of genres because he resonates with a tune, the tunes, corresponding to various notes by a higher octave sensation that is attuned to the inner planes. 

The feminine quality sensates and intuits the embodied note within outer manifestation. Manifestation is matter created in God’s image. The embedded note is where God’s image is inflected. The masculine quality brings in the thought of God tune, which touches the note embedded in matter, or in creation, which is the same thing as psyche going into matter – and thus the cycle is completed. When above and below are connected as one there is a union beyond the time and space duality continuum.

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