Making the Linkage

Things always seem to move very slowly before they start to move too fast. When something new is introduced into our interior lives, whether through an energetic connection, or an inner awakening, new energies are released – and that’s when things seem to speed up. And that’s because there are a dozen other aspects of us that want to know right now what’s going on, and to know how it might affect them, or to know if they even approve of what is happening. Sometimes what is new needs to be protected from all that noise and drama so it has a chance to find its footing within us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, I had kind of a strange dream; I wish I could pull more of it out, but I can only remember parts of the last dream. And in this last dream it feels like there’s a man and myself, who are scientists, I might even be the man – it’s very unclear here. And it’s almost like whatever we had invented, other people wanted to use or misuse, and it’s really not fully developed yet. 

So we had kind of run away and gone to an area where we could be and just study what the changes were. And I know part of those changes at one point is we have these little people that we’re developing, and right now they were just a couple inches tall, then maybe they would go back in the water. It was almost like working with Tinkerbell or something. And they were continuing to evolve and growing yet, and we wanted them to have the space to do that while everyone left them alone. 

And in the cafeteria at this place, it felt like we also kind of met with some people that were still developing – because sometimes they would disappear. And then someone from the agency, who had discovered part of what we were working with but didn’t know how it fully came together yet, because everyone thought that we had become unbalanced, maybe we needed to be locked away, or they didn’t know what we knew because we were hiding from them how far we had gotten with it. 

He had discovered something similar and came to us, and we didn’t know if he was coming to us to try to see knowledge or rob knowledge, so I had wanted to introduce him to two people that we were working with that we discovered there, but they disappeared when he showed up. And stuff spilled all over the table and I was having to clean it up. Then I saw him go to lock the door, so obviously he’s trying to lock out the forces that want to rob everything, but whether he’s completely on our side I don’t know. 

And then I can kind of glance over and see if the two little beings we put in the water have somehow discovered each other and are learning how to merge something. Don’t even know how it works yet. And then I seem to be going back in my mind and I’m looking at the people, like right before this I had been studying people and seeing that people were putting things together, but they were always leaving something out. They were trying, but there was just something that we were doing that they were leaving out. 

And I was trying to see, would this be helped if we went over and told them step by step how to do it, or what was going on? Why was that happening? And in the process of trying to figure that out, it’s like I go down to a movie theater and I see something written about it, that maybe in the movie theater they’re going to be showing something that’ll give us a clue to what’s going on. It was a strange dream.

John: It was repeating the same thing over and over again, which had to do with being able to catch up with something from within. But it’s more than just catching up with it from within, it’s also being able to etherically listen, etherically have the language, which is another way of saying that there is a vibration that can take and influence the way things unfold, and can affect matter, and can affect the environment and the surroundings. 

Because it works that way, that’s why things don’t necessarily need to complete. But a human being is used to doing all the building blocks, and their mind is caught in thinking it has to work that way. But in many cases, stuff like this can be inflected. And then, when it’s inflected, you can let go and the change and the unfoldment is naturally there. 

Now it’s not there rationally or logically, because rationally and logically, again, we think we’ve got to go from one to 10. But when you’re working on something that is on an etheric level, you can skip all kinds of things, because once you make the linkage it’s just kind of automatic. It’s kind of like first there has to be the connection, the physical connection or something. And then once that physical connection is made, then the rest of it can be inflected. 

And so what you were doing is you were going from one inflection to the next inflection to the next inflection. You’re used to following a prescribed modality, but when you’re working with vibrations from within, and connecting to everything that way, in other words because you’re intertwined and connected to everything you can do that, then it’s not something that is able to be followed by most people. And it’s baffling to yourself to be doing this over and over and over and over again inside yourself and, of course, when you try to understand it literally you miss it, but you’re repeating it over and over and over and over inside of yourself to try to shake through the memo. This is what you’re now doing.

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