The Whereabouts

Everything is somewhere, and, no matter how difficult it may be to achieve, everything can be accessed by us. And that is a fundamental of our journey: what we devote our attention and intention to can, in time, reveal itself to us. The connections needed are a matter of frequency and fitness. Fitness because the key that unlocks the door to the intelligence of a thing is a matter of being in simile with that thing – we have to be like it. And frequency is a measure of that energetic sameness, or of the distance we are from connection. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So the theme of the dreaming again is the idea of being able to awaken to something within. So one has literal meditation dreams and sleep dreams and such, but all in keeping with what is the inner push. 

So in my meditation dream there are documents embedded in a report that I do not see. In other words, it’s the strangest thing, I have a cover page – it has an initial at the bottom – and yet I can’t seem to open the page to see anything. And when I do, I try to put a sub page in there as if it’ll imprint onto that.

In other words, somehow trying to do this in terms of catching up with the whereabouts of the documents from within. And it just doesn’t open up and make itself known to me in the way that I think that it should. 

But what is going on is that it’s an unsettling dream because I haven’t established a way to see what it is that I have in my possession, from within. I have what I need, I just don’t know how to interpret it, or to catch up with it. The cover page indicates that the report is complete, and acknowledged to be so by a personal authority. 

The meaning is I’m harboring within what it is I need to know, I just lack the means to see it. 

So then in my sleep dream I go back into the dream. But this time I’m trying to understand the number in the report; in other words, there are numbers in the report. I’m told the administration expenses is a number reported in another area. A loud sound goes off inside of my being to wake me up to make a report about that. 

And, as in the meditation dream, there is more awakening I need to access from within. 

In another dream I meet a sheik. I ask him if he still remembers me. He says he does. I mean, he’s very stoic when I first meet him; very stoic. And then when I ask him if he remembered me and he says he does, and then I tell him I can remember the vibration between us like it was yesterday, he gets really excited and indicates that that photographic kind of memory works the same way with him. 

Then he comes over to me and he starts taking his nose and tweaking my nose, back and forth. Over and over again. He’s about to say something about something more, in other words this is a point of development or unfoldment and I get that there’s still something more, when a woman comes over to talk to him. 

What surprises me is how we stand: he and I face each other and seem to be both upright and standing in the exact same way. When he’s distracted he goes into a slightly different motif in the way he physically positions. But then we come back to this again. The only thing I remember saying to him is how glad I am to see that he came over. I want to get into why he sees this as important to be here, to come over here, but it isn’t able to come out. It seems that that may be another connective thing I am to intuit in an interconnected way. 

Meaning: rubbing noses together is symbolic to being able to recognize each other by our smell. That’s a symbol in Sufism; it is a connectedness gesture. To be connected is to be able to intuit what we each need to know and to do so on an inner level. 

What is said in the outer is chit chat, or an expression of joy in seeing each other. The physical connection was important because the sheik has more for me to reach from within. By reaching this is a fulfillment of an intertwining and is a reason for coming over here.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Whereabouts

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