An Inner Way

The idea of a mall in a dream is an interesting one: there is a wide array of different areas and levels, each offering different aspects of the experience, yet all contained under one roof. This is very much like our interior life, which is always seeking the connection and cohesion of an integrated self, but must deal with varying levels of understanding and interest. It is through our journey that we can begin to bring all these inner aspects into a singular alignment. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Then in the next dream, it starts off with there’s a car, and there’s at least one other person besides you and me in the car, maybe there’s two other people. And we’re outside of a mall. 

So I get out of the car, because I have to do something in the mall, and I’m moving pretty sprightly. And I’m just expecting everybody to follow. And I find myself holding the door open for another person from the car, but I’m doing it from inside the mall now, and then reaching back and I guess the door opens inside the mall or something – instead of to the outside. 

And then I wait, because it is important for you to be there as well. In this dream, you’re much older and move more slowly. You weren’t going to come, but there’s a recognition that it’s important to make the effort. For me, my feeling was this was an important imperative. And it seemed like, at the last minute, you realized this, too. 

And so the meaning is, the dreaming last night is about accessing in an inner way. This is done in terms of accessing the levels, in other words, the first meditation dream which had to do with trying to figure out how to put this on levels to be able to see inside of it; catching up with the facts, and the detail, the math – how it worked. Realizing a greater connectedness with others from within, that are also me, and for sustaining this connection with all parts of myself. 

And then inside I inflect, within, a question: is Shipley going to be at the Salt Lake City event? I remember how he had said: we need to stay connected. And, when I first met him and left, in Israel, it was like he said, we’re going to become the best of friends, I can see that. And then when I met him in Florida, he said: Are we going to stay connected now? In other words, he remembers even though we don’t go back and say that. 

And so suddenly now there’s the wondering, and then suddenly I see Shipley. I quickly shuffle through the various sections of papers; I set the papers aside. All levels again.

Meaning: a scenario of connectedness that is occurring on multiple levels – this is all in keeping with the theme of accessing the innerness. 

And then I go back to look (next dream). What I go back to look for isn’t made clear. I mean, whether you’re going back to look in terms of the property, or something else. Suddenly I hear an inner doorbell. 

Meaning: the dreams last night are drilling down upon the importance of catching up with and connecting etherically. That’s what you were doing, too. See, that’s what made it clear.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: An Inner Way

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