Above to Below

It seems to be our human nature to always strive higher. We want a better score, or a quicker time, or we want to make the next discovery and create something brand new. This is an urge that expresses itself at every level of our being, yet its strongest element is for reaching for the stars – energetically – in an effort to bring what is higher down into the lower, physical realms, and to bring us ever closer to what created us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in the meditation dream there is a flow that takes the psyche into matter. It is this approval in life that is important. I ask if it is okay to proceed, and I receive permission. So that’s the dream.

So in this dream I start out with what others would say is not possible. I receive permission for this to happen. But, when I received the permission I didn’t factor in the ramifications, because whenever something comes directly through it’s going to have ramifications. 

But, in kind of a black-and-white absolute sense, desperate times lead to desperate measures.

So, in the sleep dream, I’m looking at all the constructs of a reflection in the outer. I’m looking at the building blocks to see how solid it is. In other words, it’s something that you can feel as a solidity in your bones; you can tell when something is unbalanced or unstable. I look at the components of a reflective object to see if it is grounded, how solid the object is inflects to the inner more succinctly. In other words, it doesn’t inflect to it, it means that you’re connected to the inner that is inflecting more succinctly. In other words it’s coming through. 

And so how do I measure this? Well, I have to find another symbolism to try to measure it with. So I consider gold to be the closest thing in the outer to something somehow stable, or set. In other words as if gold is sound. And so what I’m seeing when I take and I feel something in terms of a solidness because there is the variance – there always is going to be the variance – just how much do you carry the groundedness, the Chi, the knowingness inside?

I’ve done the math on it. In other words, 32, then I reduced it to 8 over 11. And that is 72%. And that would be 21 and a half grams if it was gold, which is a lot – as an outer reflection of an inner connection.

It is solid to the point that I can feel it resonating in my body. This suggests that I am closer to what is meant to be as an inner into outer, meaning the inner has shaped my being to be a reflective connective container. The lighter and more ungrounded, vibrationally, a connection is suggests either a misalignment, imbalance, confusion or failure to catch up with my inner soul essence. 

What I’m talking about is the above and below are intertwined, even though the outer is reflective. The closer a person is to the inner inflection, the more they are experiencing the above. Similarly, the more solidly grounded the person is in life, the more they’re able to embody the image from within into creation. In other words, they can create the reflection.

When worry predominates and there isn’t a natural physical balance this signifies that change is not able to come from inner into outer. The psyche under such circumstances is askew. The physical gets torn up; a person’s health reflects the imbalance. Projection from the inner has to be looked at carefully in terms of how this affects the whole. Nothing is perfect in the outer. 

So a vibration coming into the outer needs to be embraced as a meaningfulness. The more genres it penetrates, the more spiritually connected it is. I do an assessment of the inner inflection I am denoting and find myself saying: I don’t want you to die. What I mean by that is I am concerned about the clarity of the transmission and its inner into outer focus, because I know if it is out of sync there will be collateral damage. 

For example, a visionary has an inner eye that is able to see vibrations within matter, or in life, which is like within matter because you can do this without time and space. The seeing is inflective. What this is, is a rootedness of above to below. The keener this is, the closer you are to a shift.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Above to Below

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