The Real Dynamic

We have seen how the universe exists and operates at many different levels. So, how do the highest levels inform and connect with the lower levels because, by nature the lower is often blind to what is higher? One of the ways is by acting through a human life, thereby gaining access into the lower realms where it can offer subtle upgrade to everything. We are naturally designed for this process, but we too often allow our ego to get in the way and we think what is joining us is actually us. But it’s not, and that’s when its fineness gets lost. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, my dreams were rather complex in that they seem to get interwoven with each other, with several different themes moving in and out. So it was tricky. 

And the first theme started out, I think was influenced because I’ve been watching So You Think You Can Dance, it was about two troupes of dancers who are developing two different dance performances that are also like plays, and kind of watching which dancers go with which performance. And how they’re developing, and the stresses this puts on them, and kind of how these two different stage performances developed, so to speak, and who gets selected for what. So I’m really intent on that. 

At the same time, there seems to be this parallel theme of kind of watching what’s going on in people’s lives as this happens. And, at one point, there’s a performance at an alcohol treatment center and one of the people that is either watching the performance or going to the performance, it’s like everyone suddenly realizes that she needs treatment and leaves her at the treatment facility. And she’s kind of in shock because she kind of thinks she’s too middle class for that, and they’re kind of reassuring her that it will help her because she needs to kind of see that anyone can be there. 

There’s also a theme where I seem to be with some younger people, or I’m one of the younger people. We’re on an outside platform area and sometimes we’re dancing or performing. And, at one point, I have something like a flu and I’m shaking, and two or three of us are kind of laying there as though there’s something that we’re sick with and have a high fever. And some people are concerned, and at the same time somebody is reassuring them that we’re just moving through this and it’s actually not a big deal. And it isn’t, it’s just kind of what we’re going through and then we’re coming out of it and we’re okay. 

But, at the same time, it’s like these dreams are all kind of flowing and interweaving with each other. We’re having to reassure somebody else, at one point or another, that things are actually okay – and how we know they’re okay.

John: So you’re trying to distinguish something besides what is just purely in the outer, like Think You Can Dance is an expression that comes across, and people who are attempting to emulate something that touches another person. And what touches them is if they can catch up with that note, or quality, inside of themselves that connects with the quality of the note inside of someone else. 

In other words, outer never changes outer, outer never advances, but the note inside that does touch and come across and make the inference that way, does change things that are going on in life. In other words, that’s what it’s about. It’s not necessarily changing things that are going on in life, but it is creating the recognition. In other words, the reflection creates a recognition; from the reflection can come the recognition of an inner note.

You’re playing around on all these levels because you’re seeking to find out what is real and what isn’t real. You’re going back to different parts of yourself that have meaning to you in order to try to figure out or make that distinction. Because in the outer you can have something that’s just like a shell. In other words, there are two steps, two significant steps. And no one is making it through the first step, it seems; very few. 

The first step is you have the inflection of something, and I’m using word inflection as another word for saying Will of God, of something that comes down that causes a reflection to occur in the outer. That reflection that occurs in the outer, maybe it goes from A to K. And then from there the human being takes over to try to push it further – instead of staying with the Will of God, or the inference that is coming through. They act like they can take the note from there, they get the hint and they could take the note from there. 

And that’s where things generally stay on a spiritual path. They don’t tend to go beyond that. And so what you have is you have above and below kind of separate. In other words, above can come down and can touch something, but as it touches something it alters the reflection which means the story is changed a little bit. But man takes over and instead of from A to K now, without that it would have been A to Z, for example. A to K remains the same, going to Z it changes, but it gets putrefied by man getting involved as if he has a role to play in that process. 

And most spiritual paths will say that he does, and it will act like man actually is important to the changes that need to occur and has that role to play. They miss the second step. The second step is when inner comes down and touches outer, the reason why that process can lead to a oneness is because light can come down and touch light, or there is something that is embedded that’s created in God’s image – if you don’t want to call it light, you can just call it essence – and that something from within comes down and touches that, and that is where the aliveness is at. And that is where the dynamic can be real. 

Otherwise you get into things that start, and then stop, then freeze at a particular point, which is the same thing as saying that they seal to a certain degree, or they hold to something in particular and no longer stay open and fluid. You can use something that is kind of a frozen science as a portal to begin with, but you can’t stay with it or otherwise you’ll get frozen and caught in that vortex.

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