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Imagine for a moment a hologram. One of the interesting aspects of a hologram is that even if you only have a fraction of the original image, you can shine the laser through it and recreate the full image. In this way the entire image is encoded into every “pixel” of the original – it’s just a matter of where you shine the laser. Does the entirety of the universe work the same way, and we are just trying to bring light to the darkened areas? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: See your dream corresponds pretty much to my last dream, in that let’s continue the image, but change it a little bit. Let’s say that when something is coming down from within as a type of inference, or shall we say intentionality or focus, that it takes the easy way out in terms of the inference and adds some personal to it. 

But, in this case, let’s say that the personal that it adds is it invites another, another meaning the concept that there is something more outside of oneself. And you’re believing that there’s something more outside of yourself when you take and you go along and around trying to do things as if you’ve got a role to play. As if somehow, as you play the role, you’re tuning yourself into a transmission from somewhere else – as if it’s outside of yourself. 

So when you go around and you play the dynamic like that you’re actually not making that second step, which is necessary to go light to light or essence to essence. Above and below is one and the same in a oneness, inner and outer hitting a oneness. The question should be: what is that oneness? And that oneness is that spark of something that is in God’s image, below, connected from above; that’s where the whole thing becomes real. 

So if you have a reflection, per se, and you notice something more, and bring in the will that can change the unfoldment, of what is occurring in the outer, that has gone from A to K in it’s ignorance, and so you now introduce something coming down into life and you touch that reflection, you have to have a quality of a faith and a knowingness, a keenness that goes to the essence of what that is, too, and then that really changes the story – and you aren’t party to that story at all. 

But if you have gone to the point where you have had your lightbulb moment and you get it, and then you adhere, as if you’re adhering to something working in a one to one kind of correspondence yet, you to what is occurring in the outer, and you to what is inferred that you think you have a linkage to within, then you kind of have a soldier between two worlds. And the two worlds are meant to come together. They’re meant to come together. 

For the longest time, of course, it could be as if it is a soldier between two worlds, and that can be like a portal of development. But at some particular point the two worlds have to come together, essence to essence, light to light, dust to dust, above to below, oneness as oneness, and more than oneness, because it’s just essence. 

If you don’t reach that point, then you’re dealing with frozen time, and things like a puja is frozen time. It can be a portal for some people to trip something as a memory, as a hint of a memory of the past or something, just like going to a gravesite you can pick up a vibration of something that was, but it’s not alive. It’s not an essence that’s moving. 

So the image that you can have that shows how this is, is let’s say you have a contest. And you take and you introduce the theme into the contest. And let’s say the theme is a person is to create or produce or to do something in life that results in something that they can then reflect into the outer. 

And so if you have a team that takes and solicits the help of an other, that other can provide a lot of guidance. It can help your look, I mean you can get real bright from it. It can make the appearance of what you’re doing look pretty fabulous, pretty interesting. But it’s caught in that motif. And then if you have something that is open ended, that recognizes that there has to be the aliveness that is the true above and below as one, then what you have is you have something that is there, coming in as an inner inference, and then you have a naturalness that is also alive and ever changing. 

And the two kind of correspond; they can come completely together. Initially, you might not see them as coming together, you might see that the inference coming in is incredible, but in order to win the prize it has to prove that it’s natural, too. And in it’s naturalness you could have what extends out of that, what rises up out of that, as a connection to the essence that that corresponds.

So if you’re having a supreme judge look over this stuff, the other disqualifies itself because it only has one pitch to it, it only has one tone to it, it only can go into a certain degree, it is limited by its conceptualizations as to what it is holding onto as its functionality. The other is totally free to evolve in any way that it wants to evolve, and does so with the aliveness that is at its disposal, both above and below. 

It’s not taking the reflective, or the shadow of things, and trying to incorporate that; it doesn’t do that at all. Instead, it goes into matter and into what is embedded in matter as the aliveness that is at the essence of all things. Every cell has this embedded image inside of it. And so every cell is alive. But a cell, per se, the shell of the cell, per se, just like the body is a shell, is nothing more than a reflection. And, yes, you can sometimes, if you have good eyes on the inner, you can see the reflection emerging in the outer, but that doesn’t mean you’ve connected to the note that’s behind the reflection. If you don’t connect with it, then the outer will continue to play with the outer as if it has a role in that regard and is able to do something and accomplish something – and will never get the memo because it won’t properly acknowledge that that does not soothe the heart. 

In other words, the heart is the guiding tuning fork and if the heart is getting hurt, or if the heart is getting heavy, you need to look to see to what degree have you hit the essence? Or are you taking some reflection and acting like you can make that reflection into something that it’s not because it’s an illusion? You can’t take an illusion and turn an illusion into something, it’s just an illusion. You can’t even make the illusion into a better illusion unless you want to play head games with yourself. If something is a disaster that’s dead, it’s dead. 

Yet, because most people don’t make it through the first step, at some particular point in time they think that they have the right to go around and move chairs on the Titanic, moving chairs on that which, you know, the rug’s been pulled out from under it. That part of the reflection is dead. And that the aliveness that’s been touched needs to be what you come to infer, and denote, and connect, above and below in that regard. Or inner and outer, essence to essence, light to light. That’s the oneness, which then becomes the nothingness.

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