The Go-Between

We know that when we use a go-between to get anything done, there is always something lost in translation: they don’t understand something in the way that we do, or they have a different agenda than we do. Many spiritual paths offer guidance to us for our journey but, at the end of the day, it is between us and God, or us and the essence of everything. In other words, we can make use of the go-betweens that are available to us, but we must, at some point, let go of all of that and make a direct connection. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the next dream, I am shown that an inflection can occur under limiting circumstances of the personal. For example, in life we all do something independently in relationship to our inner design.

I notice that there is an easy way to do it in which a go-between is used. See all these paths all have a go-between, spiritual elders, all of that sort of stuff that gives them an excuse to kind of Mickey Mouse a bit. 

A person can place a home on the market, through a go-between, and contract this with a company, and it can come with a company sign and personal logo shirt. But, after the superficial, the options end. It’s really bright; the shirt’s nice. The sign is nice, the campaign is nice, the house has a good glow to it even. But it’s all one way. It’s all specified.

Or you can have an inferred connection where there are no limitations in terms of what is designed. You can grow the note within in an unrestricted capacity, and the design is open-ended. I see this as if this is a competition or a contest. Those who have elected to settle for the personal touch have a glitzy personalized look that is catchy and has a brightness to the eye, but pay a price in that an aliveness is missing and the unfoldment is limited. 

The free and natural way to do it is to have the inner and outer unfold in unison, and that the naturalness of the outer – created in God’s image – is invoked and the will of the inner is developed. 

First comes the development of the inner, and then second comes the effect in the outer that invokes a naturalness – in keeping with creation being an aliveness in God’s image.

Why did I have this dream? I’m still on the theme of inner into outer and the change in an outer reflection being from such an inference. What is added is the aliveness dynamic that exists in the above and below. In other words, it exists in the below, that’s what’s added. It’s not just a reflection, there’s more to it. 

There is a natural aliveness embedded in the below that is in God’s image and more than just the reflective degree. The note of the Divine, ever-changing eternal is within every cell. This is a natural aliveness. A human being who freely accesses this note, without definitions, can maximize the above and below as an aliveness. 

The reflection in the outer thrives in that it is nourished as an essence in an above and below union. If the inner does not come into matter, the intertwining with the natural essence of life is missing. And you merely have the first step where after A to K then the story is reflectively affected, but not the deeper second step where it is light upon light, essence to essence, above and below experiencing oneness. 

There is no oneness if the essence from within isn’t touching the essence embedded in the outer. Touching the essence in the outer involves using the note in the outer and intertwining this with the inner. This is rarely done. Most people don’t get through the first step. Instead of realizing that faith is to be aligned with the will of God, and I’m using inferred, you know the inference of something coming in, as another word for will of God. They try to go from N to Z on their own. There is pure heartache when the endeavor is based upon a reflection, absent the note embedded within matter.

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