Riding the Oneness

We may have experienced the jarring effect of being physically tense when sledding or horseback riding and how easy it is to fall off or lose control. When we “try” to be in the flow of essence life it is the same: all the baggage that we obstinately cling to becomes the tightening muscles of our grip on something that is meant to feel and be natural, and is designed to be easy and fluid when we are aligned with it. That’s why it is often said: let go, and then let go some more. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So the whole point of this thing is, what makes it so tricky is like the example when a person wins the lottery, they generally are a bigger wreck. And if you help a person to a particular degree, you’re actually weakening them; they have to awaken on their own. 

And the reason is because it’s so easy to slip off and slide and act like you’ve gotten over the A to K, and then the nausea from there on to Z because you’ve gotten a booster in some sense. And so now you can go on to Z on your own, and think that you have a role to play. And in Christianity that confusion is things like laying up good works, doing good deeds, stuff like that, concepts like that. 

Or you can have a spiritual idea that you’re here to change the world in some sense, that there’s something that you can do. Or it can octave even higher, and you could say that you’re part of the co-creator process, and therefore you can play mud and water games or something. 

And, the problem is, a certain degree of this is kind of allowed in the opening-up process. Because as you awaken certain things that aren’t acceptable at a deeper level of awakening, are part of a process to awakening in the initial phases. And so you could get spoiled in those initial phases and try to interject them into the master class, the next shift, or the next phase. And when you do, you hurt the heart. And that’s where you go around and around and around until you realize… But do you realize? Most people don’t. The grief and the heartaches that they feel are coming from a personalization. It’s not coming from a connection of essence to essence. 

And thus, this all makes perfect sense why you’re going to have this. So a person tears themselves down, they wear themselves out. And the process of this biofeedback hitting the body, the way it does is to try to get you to recognize something. If you don’t recognize something, when you go off like this it will kill you, it can kill you. The body is very flexible and very amenable at being able to try to compensate, and such. 

But what can it do if you’re just going to maintain the illusion of thinking you know how to make a reflection into something real. You can’t. But there is something behind the reflection. In other words, embedded in every cell is the image of God. Every cell has a heart, so to speak. And if you go and you’re able to touch that, then what happens is amazing. And it happens immediately.

Instead of it just being an inference that comes down, that’s a lightbulb moment and then N to Z gets into some sort of cobweb business, you ride the oneness of that essence that you feel inside yourself. And that’s what it’s all about, you ride that. You’re not out there making distinctions where this goes one way, and you can go the other way, and they somehow meet together? No, they just get more and more delusional.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Riding the Oneness

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