Finding the Meaningfulness

Just like we can hold the essence of something, certain things hold an essence for us. We could say that they represent something energetic for us. In this dream it is a tea cup, but it’s not just about the tea cup, it is the feeling and memories evoked by thinking of that tea cup. And it is specific to a certain tea cup, not just tea cups in general. That’s when we know that something carries an essence for us: when the specific thing brings us into a whole world of connection. That’s why we want to be able to hold essences, in us, for others, so that we can offer a world to them. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeanne: Well, what I remember of the dreams is in one dream I was at this rather, it was a house that was kind of a majestic house. And it felt like the daughter of the man that owned the place was in one room, or some relative of his, and she’s middle-aged, maybe. 

What I remember between of the dream is at one point I want to get a cup that maybe had belonged to my grandmother that I had left on a tray in one of the rooms at one time. But I go back and I see that she’s there, the people maybe that were there when I was originally there aren’t around so I can’t see it right away. 

And she does hand me a tray with cups on it that I can take back somewhere. And she sets it down and there’s some kind of almost like a dance with trying to pick it up right and move things around. It’s almost like she’s moving them off one tray onto the other tray or a cushion, so it’s like everything’s getting moved around. 

In doing that process I realize that whatever I had left there at some other time is gone, so I decide to let it go. And I leave at that point, and I’ve gone outside and it still feels like I’m trying to either transport something or look for something. And I go over and there’s actually a canal with high walls on it and I jump into the water at one point. 

And I go over to the other side, like there’s something that may be floating in the water I want to pull over. And there’s a man there; I climb up the wall on the opposite side. But again, whatever was there, I don’t take it with me, I either leave it for him or I just let go of it. And that’s all I remember of that dream. 

And then it was followed a little while later just by an image of I’ve walked up to this white truck, it’s almost like a square-shaped trunk. I go over and I open up this compartment on the side near the back and my dad is standing there looking, too. And I open it up, I see that there’s some kind of container there and underneath it there’s a little dish that some gas has dripped into it. And I remember thinking that was just kind of a strange way to fuel a truck. And that was all I dreamt.

John: You dreamt the very same thing I dreamt, except you dreamt it as a journey. And what you dreamt was that you were moving towards the finding of something that will soothe you. In other words, in your dream where you’re looking for a cup, initially it’s a whole tray of cups. 

Then that’s followed up by this dream where whatever it is, it has an essence of something that is important for energy purposes, which is like a big container, and out of it is something specific. And out of that specific comes something that fuels or causes something to happen. 

The theme of this is that there is something inside of us that we need to catch up with that we need to connect with, that takes and not only does it speed itself, but it soothes us, it heals us, it leads to a type of satisfaction. 

In a dream like this in the outer you could be taking and trying to find something that’s special, just like you’re going to go visit something that’s a memory of the past. Well, that impression, and that memory of the past has a quality about that that touches the soul. In other words, it’s an effect that you have a connection to. 

The thing that turns into power, the gasoline that comes out of the container, that it becomes the thing that you focus your attention on, that is something that is pinpointed specifically to create a relief, a release, a speeding up, an energizing, that’s kind of an outer motif of it. The inner motif is that, if you were to go inside, you would find that you have to let go of things to go into a depth inside for relief, for healing. 

A person who has worked hard a day, and goes to sleep, lets go and his muscles get healed. Same thing is true from the imprints of things in the outer in which you’re misaligned, and thrown around this way in that way in terms of trying to understand what’s going on in the outer, you can actually refine it to something that gives you a relief. The relief on the inner is going to a connected point. 

You can just keep carrying this deeper and deeper in terms of a connection, in terms of an intertwining, all the way to the fact that your soul, and your teacher’s soul, are aligned. Or if you’re a mother and you have a child, that child is aligning itself with the mother’s soul, picking the mother’s soul in terms of coming into this world. Or, if it’s a relationship, like to the degree to which you symbiotically dream the same way that I dream, that has to do with a certain quality in which the souls have found a particular note or quality. And that is something that you kind of empathically move into or merge into. 

In the outer what you’re doing is you’re finding the meaningfulness in an outer motif way: the gasoline, or the cup, or the quality of an energetic that is a memory that still faintly soothes the soul as a history and nostalgia of your being. On the inner it’s coming to the space, the trait, the quality. It can start off as just a single little small inflection, and it could then become something that is experienced as something that you land right on, you merge right into, and then you really let go. There’s really an emptiness when you do that. 

And that’s what it could look like, that’s how it can be in the inner, but can you then do that sort of thing that gives you that kind of soothing, and satisfaction, in the outer? So your outer is depicting something like this, and because inner and outer come together, are meant to be part of a oneness, you’re describing the situation from the outer when I took and had to deal with it from the inner.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Finding the Meaningfulness

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