Meeting at Night

We have these odd sayings: it takes one to know one, or it takes money to make money. What they are pointing to is that a certain essence has to be within us before we can connect to it in an outer way. When we dream we are traveling through the frequencies of different essences, and every essence also holds an intelligence stored within its energetic field. We could say that we are meeting these essences and energetics when we close our eyes and dream, and we are trying to gain their intelligence for our conscious self. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, I was shown how the awakening process looks to the inner observer. As a person speeds up within, they let go of what is affecting them. In other words, if you’re plagued by something, you just kind of spin on what you’re plagued by. 

But if you speed up within, you can travel within so to speak, you actually go towards something as if it has a magnetic effect that pulls you to it. It is the way that one lets go that is interesting. If the person remains under the clutches of an energetic, some limiting mannerism or something that has you twisted a bit, they’re not going to be able to find an inner relief to correspondingly touch to where they are – which means they’re going to remain in a trance. 

However, just a mere glimpse can be redemptive. To begin with it starts that way, just like when a person has a lightbulb epiphany in the outer, it corresponds simultaneously to what it’s like on the inner. You have this glimpse that redeems for a split-second or so. But eventually this leads to a merged connection. It is this merged connection that signifies a soul-to-soul meeting in the night.

I had a dream to pull this into a clearer dynamic than a glimpse. The glimpse was what caused me to realize how the redemptive process functions. In the outer it is said that when you suddenly get it, and grasp the vibratory clarity on the inner, the way this looks is you experience a glimpse of something faster than yourself. And just a glimpse, for this to happen, even if it’s for a split second, you drop a weight around your shoulders, because it’s faster or something. It’s like the lightbulb moment of an epiphany, or awareness, or how something is meaningful to your being. 

After a while this becomes more of a kind of communion. Instead of a glimpse, you look for this energetic that you know resides out there, because from the glimpse you start looking for it because that draws your attention. As you get closer and closer to it, you become aligned more and more to this inner essence. And then inside you notice this, and just in coming close there’s this impact that triggers the pulling even more, as if it’s teasing the sense of a magnetic alignment that needs to be.

And then the time arrives where you can come together as one in a spot within, and that’s just kind of a merging. To experience this and to see this coming together is how I came to know that this is what it means to meet at night, like Sufis have claimed to do. Such a meeting is a communion where it is direct. 

To sustain the communion is to merge with the teacher’s essence and to lose a misaligned waywardness. At least that’s how it appears; you’re merging with some sort of essence out there that I guess is represented by the teacher, that is maybe the tuning fork or something. In some fashion it causes this coming together. Just like when two people fall in love, or a couple or something like that, they do have this kind of soul communion that takes place. 

So it is said I receive my training at night. The glimpses are what redeems me. Eventually I’m able to go from a spark to the recognition of a greater presence. The glimpse of the whereabouts is a magnetic beckoning. Eventually I’m able to let go of that which throws me around this way and that, and connect and commune and merge my vibrational essence into that, or being into that. 

To do this within is to lose yourself into the heart of what the inner essence is, whether it’s the teacher or whatever. And, of course, to do it consciously. When this is done with the essence of the teacher that is when a coming home is most pronounced. The coming home leads to the emptiness we all seek, even though we may not be aware of this initially. 

And it’s what the wakening process is about, and what the idea of dying before you die is about, is to find this inner essence in the human body. Such a communion transcends time and space and enables the psyche to access the true matter of oneself – first on its inner, and eventually on a seamless outer.

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