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We may think we are ready for anything, but unless we have experienced something to a certain degree already, we can often be shocked by any new space we find ourselves in. Energetically, this can mean that we “short” out, or can’t handle something. That can appear as tiredness, depression, anger, or any of the emotions that arise when we are overwhelmed. Yet, from experience, we also know that we will get used to what is new and find a new balance and equilibrium. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Well, what I dreamt was a little different, but still on the same theme. And so I’m kind of describing it energetically, you described it in an image. 

In the meditation dream, I seem to know that the image I’m observing within is not as it initially seems; in other words, there’s more to it. The image is reflected and correlates to a vibration that I need to access; in other words, something more than just that. More than just whatever it was, and just what I could easily draw as an initial conclusion. 

The vibration behind the image is drawing me to the need to access within an energetic that got repressed in the past. Not just recognize it, go beyond that – because there’s always something more. And that which got repressed in the past is kind of pent up and therefore is affecting how I am in the present, which I’m not able to break out.

So the repressed energetics of the past are the reasons for the dream. It was just to draw my attention to a pent up way the past is affecting me. Just noticing this was enough, apparently, because suddenly I had access to a free flow of energy, which propelled me forward, or caused me to shift in such a degree of expanse in such a rush that I had to do an about face. It was like it wiped out all the memories of the past, if I kept it up. It was just such a rush. 

I wasn’t expecting something like this and found myself needing to catch my breath, so to speak. In other words, it was just way too much. But is it really? As you’re seeing it you’re meant to be able to have that whole room. 

So the process is, what we experienced in our dreams is usually deeper than we are aware. This is because the way we see ourselves in the dream is restricted by our conditions in the outer. This represses our energetic awareness. A dream exposes that repression. When the defense mechanisms the dream reveals fall away, that is when a rush of energy that I need to be able to open up.

In the meditation dream last night, it was more than I am physically able to deal with in one fell swoop. So it was taken in as a glimpse to digest, little by little, at a pace I can handle.

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