Lost Rooms

We see how our dreams describe our interior life like a house: sometimes there is a basement, or multiple floors, or dusty attics. Sometimes they show one-room apartments and sometimes huge mansions, elegant or even ramshackle. Today we see a lost and neglected room being rediscovered by the dreamer. Why would that be? Our interior rooms could be neglected because of fears, because of wounds, or even because we no longer have the key to access the space. That key might even be an aspect of our higher self awaiting our arrival at a new level. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Now, there’s one thing that isn’t clear about that. So I had to have a room dream in order to make it clear that there’s something more. 

And so this starts off where I’ve walked into this room that I hadn’t been in for ever and ever; didn’t even really know that it existed before. And in this room is a guy that I employ that’s kind of a strange kind of person: he stutters, he slurs, he’s not really with the program. 

I had hired this guy to put in the wood flooring in this bedroom, and it’s a bedroom that’s just all in an upheaval, but wood floors are going to bring it around. And it’s like, even as I walk in there, it’s like I haven’t really paid any attention to before as if it doesn’t exist, or is extraneous in some fashion. 

And so I trust the guy that’s in there, he knows what he’s doing, even though he is an odd-type person, appearance-wise. And that kind of saddens me that it’s like that for him in life. So I take out a tape measure – I’ve got to take possession is my concept, I guess, of whatever it is, and however it is that you are, or what you have or whatever that is I take out a tape measure to measure the size of the room. He says, why bother? It is not necessary. I say, I’m just interested to see what it is. So I stretch my tape out to 25 feet and it’s still a couple feet on one side. 

And it’s at that moment I stop and say, you’re right, it doesn’t matter. I just didn’t want to go to the trouble to make the mental notes of it because it was chopped into little spots here and there and whatnot. Plus my tape measure, I had to add and I had to make it more complicated as opposed to just see it and accept it. 

So, the meaning is, I do not need any information to access the more of myself that I am. In other words, like why would you take a tape measure of it? To take possession I just need to let it happen. 

What I am doing is not for personal reasons. In other words, you don’t do this to go somewhere for personal edification; that sort of thing is kind of irrelevant. If something more can be there, great. But, if you try to think about it, that’s where you get your priorities twisted. 

So, in the dream, I am realizing that the reason I didn’t know about or take care of this before is I forgot how to reach this part of myself. That’s kind of like, maybe it’s more important: not trying to take and incorporate that in terms of some sort of detail or whatever. Yes, to look at it, to see it – because I can still see it. To look at it, and to see it. But, again, I took too much of a headiness about it is not important. It is that sort of thing that a less sophisticated side of myself is just fine. 

So the deeper meaning is it’s about the part of myself that has been unconsciously neglected for so long that I have lost touch. I am being shown that the access to this part of myself is what is important. Details in terms of size and shape just get me twisted up again. 

The theme of the dreaming last night was, you’re coming into looking at something, but you’re tending to look at it in terms of some sort of bias, or mannerism, demeanor, attitudes, whatever that you’ve adopted that keeps you from actually seeing it for what it really is.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Lost Rooms

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