Forces from Within

The unconscious is a powerful force, but it should not be seen as a dark and dangerous place – although images that arise from it can appear that way in our dreams. These images are telling us a story about us, and about our relationship with ourself. When a new aspect of our inner life is awakened, or re-awakened, it can seem as though it is a bomb about to go off. Yet perhaps that speaks to a level of suppression and resistance rather than any intrinsic danger of what is arising. Sometimes it is our responses to things that reveals to us the most about our inner processes. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So I had this long dream. In it, I seem to have a house that’s like one of the very first houses we lived in, that sits back. And then next door to it, a young man that I met in college that I went out with, is living with his mother, and maybe a brother.

And the setting is more stark than it actually was in real life. Between the two houses is a little hut, a little storage unit. It feels like at first I come from where I come from, which is more to the left somewhere where I seem to actually be staying because I must come down and check on the house. And it feels like I’m going out with him. 

But first in almost a playful way he constructs something that’s in this little hut between the two houses, he constructs something on the floor that I deconstruct, but I realize it actually could be a bomb. But I seem to know how to deconstruct it without setting it off. It’s almost like he thinks it’s a joke or something, but I know it’s also a bomb. 

Well, at first this is kind of playful, but then it seems like it becomes less playful; it’s a real bomb. I still seem to be able to deconstruct it; I deconstruct it again because it would blow up the old house as well as his house. But then what had been playful before becomes serious and wicked looking, more metallic bomb that I don’t know quite how to deconstruct that one. I have a feeling I might be able to do it, but it would be very tricky. 

And he comes and stops me from doing it and takes me to his house and locks me in the back room. Well, at this point, I’m not sure what to do, because I might be able to deconstruct it, but if anything disturbed it everything would be blown up. And then I think about, what can I do? Well, if I call the bomb squad, I’m not sure how much it would really blow up. But I realize that could actually be irresponsible because if they don’t know what they’re doing, they’re just gonna make it worse. 

So then I find a way to break out of the back door of his house. So now I figure you know I might just have to try to get as much distance as I can between me and what may blow up. But he finds out and he starts chasing me. 

Well, I feel like I can get ahead of him, I have a really good head start, and I’ve gone down through the town, I’ve gone down to a little canyon area, I figure if I can get across this area and across the water to the other side I’ll be okay. But one of the problems is we have this little dog, and she’s been following me and she’s old now. So she can only follow me so long, and then I have to pick her up. Especially when I get to the water, it feels like I’m gonna have to carry her, and he’s found a paddleboard or something so I feel like he’s gonna catch up with me. 

So I have to let myself go out into the current, because I’m trying to save me and the dog at this point. It’s kind of gone down into an area, but I don’t know if it’s going to actually go over a dam, so I have to kind of divert us a little because I really just can’t leave the dog to her own fate. And I don’t know how much of the town he’s going to blow up if this goes off. It feels like that’s when I wake up.

John: Well, the interesting part of the dream starts with your old house. And it’s a place that you don’t really carry a present day memory or association or connection with, as far as you know, other than that it is something in your distant memory past. 

That’s an assumption that you shouldn’t be making. The reason why that old house is there is because the pattern upon which you’ve unfolded is meaningful. The pattern which you have unfolded in the outer tells its own story. And, in that story, in the way something has unfolded over the course of time, there is something that is revealed there, in terms of that, that indicates the responsibility and a quality in terms of how you are and who you are. 

Now, because that is so old or ancient or took so much time or is so far in the past, you’re not inclined to recognize that it is all reflective of something more, something at a great depth. However, because you went through this, and were there, this has caused you to develop a sort of understanding or recognition. The recognition you’ve developed is that if something that is unconscious goes off that it will destroy everything. 

So you are finding yourself in a situation in which that unconsciousness can possibly wake up. And the go-between or in-between is this little hut. And when you come to know that that little hut, that things are going on between what you went through ages and eons ago in terms of development and understanding, and where you’re at right now, that in that little hut, something is coming into focus that has to do with making the situation bigger. It causes the blow up, in which the situation is bigger than who you are. 

And yet, you’re required to fix it. In other words, you can’t call the bomb squad, you’re required to fix it. And yet you can’t fix it, given your current condition, because you also have the responsibility of making sure that you don’t hurt anything. In other words you’ve got the old dog that has to be taken care of. Plus your means of moving about to try to cause something to break free, you just don’t seem to have the acuity tools to make it happen. But you are shown that the whole process involves following a flow, a guidance of a flow. And if you can get into that flow, then you can maintain an unfoldment, you can start working with an unfoldment. At least work with the unfoldment to the point where you blow yourself up in another way if you go off the edge of a waterfall. 

So the theme of the dreaming last night had to do with being able to realize that everything about oneself, and what one has done, is meaningful. If you go back and you take and you look at that, you can see that as if that’s all a type of dream. Something has changed as a result of an inner awakening understanding so that you can go back and you can pull all of that together and say, oh, okay, that’s what’s been going on. 

Or, another way of saying it, that you’ve been under the guidance and influence of forces from within all along – you just didn’t know it. And now you’re getting to a point where you can recognize how something is interconnected and intertwined over the space of time. And in doing so you’re seeing how something that may have occurred over the course of a lifetime, or a prior time or whatever, is meaningful in the here and now.

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What is it that attracts, or distracts, our attention? We seek to be in the energetic flow of life, responding to the signals and essences moving around and through us, and yet, we can also flit like a butterfly from one thing to another – and be completely unconscious that we are doing it. As we awaken, our systems begin to understand that we want to stay connected – and will support that effort – rather than seek the quick entertainment that we have gotten it so used to in our life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So the only thing I remember about my dream, it felt like I was going somewhere like getting on a freeway, or traveling on a freeway, actually, with somebody else who was supposed to join me. 

And I was trying to communicate to them that it seemed like there were bars along the freeway, and there were different exits that you could take. And I was trying to show them the right way to find an exit. If you went one way, you actually wouldn’t get where you were going; you had to go the other way. One gate actually was marked red. And I was doing it more than once, communicating to them the right way to get to where we were going.

John: Well, it’s kind of a standard understanding of establishing a sense of direction. I suppose you might say this is a direct same thing, as in the meditation dream, my focus is upon accessing the vibration that is most natural to my being. 

I know that ordinary day-to-day reactions are personality oriented. So I can’t react to something that’s normal, I have to go back to another sense of something. So that just indicates I have to go to something that’s consistent to some sense of my evolvement. 

And I’ve identified a soothingness, and a soothingness that is associated with kind of a longer term manner inside of myself. But it sits kind of like backed up in that in some fashion. It permeates, you might say, or is behind the long term inner flow in keeping with the journey. So when the natural unfoldment is compromised, when something affects it, compromises it, I look to see what is causing the veiling, see where I can’t pick up the sense. 

And I found that most of the time, the issue has to do with a vibratory manipulation of my nature. In other words, something is more pressing, something else is louder. And such manipulation occurs when I fail to surrender to the inner overall essence that is emulating inside, because everything in the outer has self-directed limitations, because that’s where your senses go and so everything’s going to have a limitation because you’re going to be forming opinions based upon your outer perception. I seek to experience the subtle essence behind all of that.

If the essence leads to an identification, I know that I am being influenced away from who it is I am meant to be as an overall essence. Whatever influences me to be this or that I have come to know to be where I am still holding on to an identification that is reflectively separate from the whole. So when I’m not in need of being this way or that, I am receptive to an inner essence that just exists. 

And finally, when I let go even further, I come to know that there is nothing going on that interests me other than this essence that permeates. And this overall essence, then, through deduction, just seems to be who I am. Which means then that I’m just a vibratoriness that is continuously unsettled by identifications that separate me from the empty space overallness, which you can feel has this nurturing quality from somewhere.

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Confirmed for Liftoff

When things are about to change, we often feel worse than ever. This can be because our unconscious has already sensed the changes ahead, but the rest of us is still struggling through the old ways. This can make us feel as if we aren’t getting anywhere, when the shift is closer at hand. This is why it can be important to listen to all the signals we are picking up: on one level we may feel disheartened, but on another level we may have a knowing that better things are just around the corner. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my meditation dream, to portray what I’m able to remember, it starts off in a flashcard way. It starts off with me observing a little guy who’s staying at a urinal, and I’m standing maybe three or four feet behind him. And it’s like the guy is, say, four feet tall, and I’m six foot tall. He’s not paying any attention to this as he’s standing at the urinal.

Well, I already know what this dream is supposed to be about, and it’s starting out with that as the initial image. I know that the dream was about a transformation and change. So I’m curious to see what’s going to happen next. 

So this little guy, who no longer seems to be such a little guy when he returns to the workforce, you know before he was just like really wimpish, is talking to other colleagues about something that is afoot, that is about to happen in his life. So as I am realizing and recognizing, and I’m knowing – so I’m needing to try to watch to see if I can see this more – from the inner dream that I couldn’t pull out images from, but knowing that something is changing, or is afoot in a soothing way. 

I listen and watch knowing that something is shifting, and I’m going to have to see this like in kind of this whole side show flashcard way. In other words, I know from the sensations and aspects that I had been feeling, plus other events within that I don’t pull out, that it bodes for something to be happening.

In the final image – and what I have to do is block out everything else that’s happening around me, it’s almost like I’m standing off 12 feet away, or 20 feet away or something. And he’s talking to someone, and there’s other noise and stuff going on, so I have to fight my way through that to listen as he is further explaining to a colleague the change that is coming for him. And I overhear him say that the liftoff date has been set. 

It’s about a year from now or so. And what’s gonna happen is that he’s all excited about, that’s firmed up as a go, is that he and his fiance blast off into outer space. 

So the meaning is, this is a dream about a shift and change in how I will be unfolding consciously in the future. Currently I am being pissed on as if a wimp who is unconsciously relieving himself, but the best one can. You know, going through life the best one can, and this is the treatment that I’m being subjected to as I unfold. 

I know it isn’t like it appears and I’m eager to see what is being implied. I’m shown that a transformation is coming. I’ve been feeling this as imminent in terms of prior dream sensations, the details of such dreams being something I don’t remember. So I’m watching and waiting, and while watching and waiting I’m attentive to the changes within, like flashcard inflections, that are there to help me zoom in, or zero in, upon a shift that is destined to unfold.

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