The Public Square

In our dreams we have interior conversations with ourselves, and we have exterior exchanges as well, which makes sense because we are constantly interacting in these spheres and it is useful for our systems to reflect these experiences to us in a neutral way. A home or a car will often signify an interior situation, while being out in the world, a town square for example, points to how we are relating to the world around us. Sometimes there is a flow, and other times the external distracts us and throws us off our balance. Our dreams can help us see ourselves more clearly in this way. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So then I keep this up. In this dream, there is a town square where the people are mingling. In other words, just visualize a setting where everybody’s just mingling, tourists, everybody’s just coming and they’re having a grand old time. The area is kind of just very festive. 

Suddenly, a bike comes and starts hanging out as well. And it’s almost as if this thing mushrooms and now there’s lots of bikes after the first one stopped. So that shifted things because now it has to accommodate the bikes. But it does.

What’s the significance? An example of the meditation dream in which something is added to an outer flow. The result reflects in the outer, and the faster change agent is the bicyclist depicting the inner, the bicyclist depicts the inner coming in, and the easy going, laid back public square public is symbolic for the outer.

So the bicycles are coming in and they’re having an effect upon the way that is. In other words, that’s just laissez faire, then the bicyclists come, but if they do this smoothly and quietly, they’re not like motorcyclists that come in and make a disruption immediately. They’re just bikers coming into this and figuring out how to be casual with it. 

And then a clerk in a courthouse enables me to go into a vault, allows me, it’s okay for me, to go into a vault area where the archives are kept. There is a smaller ante room off of that where a wall safe is hidden. A panel hides it, and then there is a combination that opens it.

I have no reason to go into this ante room, or look in the safe, other than curiosity. Because I am trusted, I mean allowed to go down into the vault even, I am provided everything including the combination to the safe – which has inside gold coins. There are no records there, so the reason isn’t apparent.

Meaning: Another dream in which in an intertwined world that is on all levels, nothing is hidden for those who are meant to see and perceive. 

And then in this dream I am in a back office and I’m examining documents. This is exhaustive work; it tends to put you in a whole other place or space. In other words, you’re not necessarily relatable to what’s going on around you. 

So I walk out into an inner foyer reception area and a woman I know, who’s quite sensitive, in a nice space brings in a pie. And it’s like in a box, it’s a three-layer pie. By three layers it means it’s almost like you have the crust, I mean you have some filling, and whatever; you have three layers to this cherry pie. 

And I glance at it and say, so what is this cake about? Instead of a pie, a cake. I must have been thinking there was a special occasion, like a birthday or something, but all that was happening was this was a nice gesture on her part that she labored over doing and making it as quality as she could. 

So, as she leaves the area, I look at the secretary and I say, I know, I’ll make it right. And she says, you better, and motions with her hand as she says: and keep it right here. 

It’s a dream about a level of beingness and the conscious need to maintain a connection and intertwining and the various levels of beingness – holding all of that at one time. I get thrown off from time to time, become too linear, and lose the sensitivity required to sustain the unfoldment.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: The Public Square

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