A Careful Approach

We can’t always go straight at the object we are seeking – sometimes that approach can push it further from our reach. When we speak of energy and vibration, each one has its unique signature and requires from us a unique key to make the connection and gain the access. Said another way, we must become like the thing we seek, or else we won’t understand it, and it won’t acknowledge us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the meditation dream the dream starts off with seeing, in color, an object that I’m traveling towards. The object is in manifestation. To reach the object I come down an elevator and then I have to go across the street. 

The crossing of the street is where a pause occurs. In this pause, I’m pondering the object which I see across the street. And it turns out that this is a repeating pattern, because this time the object seems larger, more colorful, and is so large that it takes up my focus. 

So this object that I am looking to somehow or another access, or go towards, is an object that I notice I have to be careful in terms of approaching – and more careful than the last time. This time, I am focusing my attention upon a point that lies directly above the object’s window, in other words to try to break the mirror that way, or the reflective that way. And then I wake up.

What is going on is, in this dream, I’m trying to establish a comfortable way of coming into manifestation. And I am wary about doing this as I still have memories of how things like this have a certain vibe behind them in terms of this sort of doingness. And it’s as if, this time, I’m hoping for a different result or effect. 

What I’m really trying to access is a vibration that I’m comfortable with. Although the object has a fascinating allure, deep down I am not convinced that I can do this without somehow or another being distracted, or redirected. 

So the conclusion is this is a dream that is suggesting that I am trying over and over to bring a vibratory quality into manifestation, with each time seeking to be more and more at ease vibratorially speaking. I’m wary about this approach because I am not sure this is possible without losing something from within. Nevertheless, in this image, I am at it again.

And so in my dreaming I noticed to a degree a mirroring quality that sits in a stillness. But it’s not a deep enough stillness, it’s more of an introverted kind of stillness. And so I’m dealing with all the variables. So there’s that as a kind of stillness; is it a real stillness? 

I’m also noticing that the opposite of mirroring is the picking trait where you pick at something as if to get it to change or something; to be able to hold that in check, by noticing how that is, is a step towards stillness. 

The net effect of this process is to notice that true mirroring reflects from deep within. In other words, it is not a quality of playing and looking for it in some aspect of the breath. If the mannerism carries an outer reflectiveness, it is still on the journey to an inner stillness, which means that it is still on the breath and within the reflective realm.

Or, to say it in kind of another way, journeying involves the breath, which is an identifiable characteristic visualized as manifestation. In other words, everything we notice and see in time and space is a consequence of our breath. Creating with the breath, which is a type of sound, and it’s a journeying, it’s not in the stillness.

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