Another Kind of Echo

We have seen how baggage of any type can slow us on our journey, or make reaching our next destination impossible. In this dream image, the feeling is one of having crash-landed on an island and looking for a means of getting off that island. And the interesting image has the dreamer defending another person from destruction, but is all as it seems? If we are all the characters in our dreams, we can look at this as us putting forward a rationale for an attachment we deem too important to let go – and when we say things like that, we’ve grabbed tighter rather than letting go. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, I really only remember one dream and it’s like I’m part of a group. I seem to be closer to one of the women in the group, or observing her more, anyway. And it’s like we’re all on an island, and you feel almost like you’ve crash-landed on this island. And we want to try to get off and no one’s quite sure how to do it. 

And there’s a man with us who’s really brilliant, but he seems to have a box built around him. It’s an open box, I mean, more like he could even walk around with it because it might start by his calves and go up to the top of his head. And it’s maybe half a box, let’s put it that way; it’s part of him. And it was made out of some kind of really strong material. 

Well, some of the people in the group were thinking we would get off of this island if they could somehow use this box that’s actually still part of him, though. But then their ideas about it, that might have even kind of dissolved the material in the box so they could use it would have destroyed him. So I object to that, I’m not going to let them do that. That’s not the right way to get off the island. 

So it feels like I’m defending him against some of the ideas that some of the people in the group have about how we can get off this island, because I know that this box is powerful, but you don’t use it that way. So then we’re having these arguments, or I’m blocking their doing that, because I feel like we have to work together to figure out some way to get off the island, but not in a way that destroys another person by messing with his box, so to speak. 

That’s actually the gist of the dream, this back and forth, and my defending that, and not going to let that happen. But then we’re still trying to figure out some other way of getting off the island. I just know there has to be a better way than that. 

John: Well, it’s an interesting dream in that your using this fact that you’re on this island and whatnot as an example of being separate, distinct, isolated, not as connected as you want to be. 

And then you’re looking at a kind of rhythm, which is like an auric nature, or etheric nature, that is like a box. Well, this is a sense of spaciality, even though it’s a defined spaciality. The negative side of that is it is something that when you define yourself that way it helps further the fact that goes along with being on the island. But it’s more than that, in that this auric or etheric space is something that has a rhythm to it that one can identify with this auric space. 

So what this auric space now has become is it’s something that you drain, or look at for the purposes of needing something there, which, in a sense, drains that space. So that’s showing a type of attachment, clamoring to try to sustain and maintain something. And yet you know that it doesn’t work that way. And so you know that you can’t have the attachment, and yet you see that there is this attachment. And so you see yourself as in this predicament, again, of like being on the island, and how do you get off the island? Do you take something? No, you can’t do that, as far as a means of getting off. And so what it’s like is, the deeper side of this is, you’re hearing another kind of echo. And it’s an echo to something more. What you haven’t done in this dream is sorted out how that something more comes to pass. How that is just suddenly able to be there. 

You can’t be throwing yourself at that as if you could absorb or take it in, because that won’t work because you know that that actually drains you if you feel that there’s something that you’re missing, and that you throw yourself in that capacity to try to catch up with it. And you know that; a part of you knows that. 

Thus you have the higher octave inside of yourself that is pointing out, or not allowing, any of this sort of thing to happen – even if it leaves you kind of isolated and on an island – because that’s an inappropriate approach.

You don’t drain a space, or become attached to a way of being, in order to go somewhere. It’s kind of like an information dream to yourself, as you sense by way of feeling or something you sense something more, but don’t have the clarity in terms of how to necessarily bring it through, which means it’s still a bit of a bewilderment to you. But you do know what doesn’t work. And most people don’t know what doesn’t work. And so as a consequence of knowing that you actually inflect that, and it’s a sight, too, that you know better than that.

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